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President’s First 100 Days Report

Vision for a Model, Comprehensive Public Institution

The first 100 days of my administration have been a milestone for change. With new leadership comes new vision, new goals and a renewed emphasis on creating opportunities to drive and foster student success. When I asked the campus community to share your thoughts with me, I was overwhelmed by the tremendous response.  Your input has been vital to informing my vision and goals for the University. Learn more about the process here...

Through survey results, multiple meetings with University stakeholders, both internal and external, attendance at events, active listening, and immersing myself in the trends and conversations around the future of higher education at both the local, state and national levels, I have begun to outline a plan to ensure student success, which is at the core of our mission.

How do we define student success?

  • Increasing retention and graduation rates
  • Reducing the achievement gap
  • Providing civic and world engagement experiences
  • Assisting with the transition to the labor force and graduate school

How will we achieve student success?

To support our effort to achieve student success, we will put into place a signature four-year program, The Westfield State Experience. This new program adds intentionality to the learning process and capitalizes on a number of elements already in place.

 First-Year: Experience

We begin introducing students to first year seminars, and creating common intellectual experiences and learning communities to immerse students in critical inquiry and collaborative learning

 Second-Year: Reflection

The second year focuses heavily on aligning goals with aspirations and careers, and creating essential road maps for student success in and outside of the classroom

 Third-Year: High-Impact Practices

The third year engages students in undergraduate research, service learning, community-based and global learning and internships to further increase retention and engagement

 Fourth-year: The Last Mile

The fourth year immerses students in capstone courses and projects that integrate and apply learning and prepare for the work force and graduate school

The changing landscape of higher education is forcing institutions to sharpen and focus their mission. Positioning Westfield State as a model, comprehensive institution requires us to be strategic in our approach to enrollment and program development.

Developing a Graduate Initiative

  • Maintain the size of the undergraduate population while increasing diversity, dual enrollment opportunities and opportunities for transfer students
  • Grow graduate programs to respond to a changing student market and the needs of the local, regional and global economy
  • Support student goals by providing paths to graduate programs that align with undergraduate degrees
  • Strategically grow graduate programs, which will in turn provide financial and other sources of support for undergraduate programs

The Westfield State Experience does not end at graduation. We must continue the relationship that successfully prepared students for their professional life by building affinity for the University through alumni connections.

Engaging alumni to become lifelong supporters of The Westfield State Experience

  • Reposition the Institutional Advancement Division to continue to develop a culture of philanthropy by focusing on alumni engagement, cultivation and fundraising

This flow chart shows the vision for a model comprehensive institution puts student success at the center. The path to student success is through increasing retention and graduation rates and decreasing the achievement gap.  This path is achieved through a strategic enrollment management initiative.  Student success is at the heart of the Westfield Experience, and creates a path to graduate school and the labor force, and increases alumni engagement.

Vision for the Future

All of our undertakings in the first 100 days are in support of the most critical job we have: defining and supporting student success by providing life-changing, positive experiences in their time here and beyond.

Achieving student success does not come from just one mind. Currently, we possess the brushstrokes of a vision. But decisions about how we are going to achieve our goals are ongoing. The process is fluid and organic, and relies on input and collaboration from students, faculty, staff and other partners. We are anchored by our values and mission, capitalizing on our existing strengths and harnessing new opportunities for the success of our students and the betterment of our campus community. With this in mind, we are positioning ourselves as a model, comprehensive public institution in Massachusetts—and in the nation, and delivering on the The Westfield State Experience.