A Message from the President

June 10, 2020

Dear Campus Community:

Thank you to those members of our community who took the time to reach out to me over the last several days through social media, email or phone calls. Your impassioned outreach has been meaningful and is representative of a wide range of campus constituents.

I hear you. I understand your outrage and frustration and I share your disgust and disappointment in reaction to recent deplorable exchanges on social media. I cannot underscore enough how far away such statements stand from Westfield State’s mission and values of inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Going beyond Monday’s communication from the Office of Human Resources, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, I write to further stress that any complaints of threats or intimidation to any and all members of the campus community are taken seriously at Westfield State University. As with all complaints, these matters are appropriately addressed through the policies and procedures established to manage investigations of this kind.

I realize it is asking a lot, but I ask for your understanding and confidence in allowing appropriate officials at our institution to deliver a fair, careful, and comprehensive decision on these important matters.

These matters come at a very emotional and challenging time for our University and society as a whole. Please join me in offering your cooperation and compassion to support each other to work through this complex and troubling time.

I also ask for your continued focus to advance the mission of Westfield State University despite a tenuous time for our community and the nation as a whole. I appreciate your continued commitment to exemplifying Westfield State’s values of inclusion, diversity, and equity, to serve as a model for the full campus and community as a whole.


Ramon S. Torrecilha, Ph.D.