Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB)

The mission of the Neighborhood Advisory Board (NAB) is to promote positive relationships and mutual respect between the Westfield State University community and the residents of the neighborhoods impacted by university operations.

The Board serves to connect neighborhood and University representatives, to foster open and constructive dialogue and to plan and promote collaborative projects that build community. It also provides an opportunity for neighborhood representatives to voice the concerns of their constituents and for university officials to convey pertinent information, which can then be conveyed to neighbors and the greater Westfield community – two-way communication is paramount.

The Neighborhood Advisory Board of Westfield State University is comprised of representatives of the university, the student body and neighbors who are adjacent to our Western Avenue campus.  The board is tasked with providing a forum for mutual concerns and a resource for exchanging information which affect the relations between the university and the community. It seeks to improve and sustain healthy relations and communication with all members of the community.

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