Board of Trustees


The 11 member Westfield State University Board of Trustees is appointed by the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Each member is appointed for a five-year term, with the possibility of one additional term of five years.  Each member of the board is required to take an oath to discharge faithfully, impartially, honestly, and to the best of his or her abilities the duties of a trustee. While trustee terms do expire, the trustees continue to serve on the board until a replacement has been appointed. 

PENC (Public Education Nominating Council) is charged with this responsibility of appointing trustees and outlines the qualifications on the provided site.

Steven Marcus ’88, Chair
Terrell Hill ’92, Vice Chair
Madeline Landrau, Secretary
Brandon T. Trafford ’17, Student Trustee
James Hagan ’84
Robert Johnson ’70, ‘72
Robert A. Magovern
Robert Martin, Ph.D.
Kevin Queenin ’70
Linda Slakey, Ph.D.
Edward C. Sullivan