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Academic Strategies

The Banacos Academic Center is home to the Academic Strategies Program, as well as the University Tutoring Program, MTEL ComLit Preparation, Disability Services, and our program for students with Learning Disabilities.

Academic strategies are important tools to develop at any stage of a college student’s career. 

The Banacos Academic Center provides limited support to any student who wants to strengthen academic performance. Group and individual sessions are available throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. 



To sign up for an academic strategies workshop through a browser (not MyWestfield). Please go to our Academic Strategies and MTEL ComLit Preparation Scheduler.

Please use one of the following browsers:

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Below is the schedule for the free Academic Strategies Workshops available to all students for the Spring Semester 2019.  This workshop series provides academic success techniques for use in all classes rather than offering course-specific tutoring.   The aim is to offer information and assistance in addressing student academic concerns as the semester advances.  These workshops are taught in a progression format, moving from organizational planning to final exams.  The content will build on earlier session areas, though students may participate in some workshops and skip others since each session will cover a complete topic. 

Each topic will be offered twice, with one workshop given on a Tuesday from 1:00 to 2:00 and the other repeated the following week on Wednesday from 2:00 to 3:00.  These workshops are open to all students and are held in the Banacos Academic Center conference room (Parenzo 159).  When requested, faculty will be notified of student attendance. 

To register, see the schedule, and reserve a seat for an Academic Strategies Workshop, students go on-line (NOT using myWestfield) to  The Academic Strategies Workshops are highlighted in red on that scheduler.  If a workshop is full, the scheduler allows students to place their names on the waiting list.  Students with a workshop reservation should receive an email reminder the day before if the reservation was made early enough.  Please cancel 3 hours ahead if you cannot attend so another student may use the opening. 

Email with questions. 

Students are asked to bring a NOTEBOOK, one SYLLABUS with assignment schedule, a COURSE TEXTBOOK, and a PEN to each workshop they attend [as well as the specific materials noted below for particular workshops]. 

Topic 1: Tues. 9/17  & Wed. 9/18

Academic Organizational Strategies:  Scheduling and Planning To Manage Homework and Time.   (Please bring your planner – paper or electronic.)

Topic 2:  Tues, 9/24 & Wed, 10/16

Syllabus, Assignment Schedule, & Paper/Test Content:  Connecting Clues for Class Success. (Please bring at least one course syllabus and the assignment schedule for that course.)

Topic 3: Tues, 10/22 & Wed, 10/23

Reading and Productive Note-taking:  Different Methods for Class and Homework/Reading.   (Please bring one of your course textbooks or reading assignments.)

Topic 4: Tues, 10/29 & Wed, 11/6

Reflecting on Mid Term Progress:  Planning/Prioritizing NOW for Semester End & Final Exams. (Please bring pertinent materials from one of your courses and your planner.)

Topic 5: Tues, 11/19 & Wed, 12/4

Tests & Mid-term Exams:  Preparation (Review Sheets & Study Guides) and Test-taking. (Please bring a test from one of your classes or textbook chapter review questions & a review sheet and/or study guide if you have one.)


WEEKLY DROP-IN TIME Tuesdays 2:00 to 2:30 in Parenzo Office 168

Drop-in time does not require a reservation, and assistance is offered to students in order of arrival.  Students should be registered in the online system referenced above before arrival, or they may register once they arrive.

Please write to for more information.

Planning Toolkit

Below are the pieces of the Academic Strategies Planning Toolkit. Please feel free to grab a few friends, teammates, club members, or classmates, and work together to carve out a regular weekly schedule.  This schedule should be one that includes all aspects of your regularly scheduled week including classes, meals, calls home, play time, appointments, worship, laundry, checking email, taking care of business, club time, study time (which class and where!) and review time for each class. Bring color pencils or pens to color code your schedule.

Read this first: Dear Tool Kit User

Here are the handouts:

The regular weekly schedule serves as a tool for you to think through your week and how you organize it.  Please be reasonable, realistic and respectful of yourself!

Sarah E. Lazare, Director
Katy Milford, Coordinator of Academic Strategies and MTEL ComLit Preparation

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