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Jennifer A. Hanselman, Ph.D. (Chair)

Jennifer Hanselman at the beach

Associate Professor and Chair
220-C Wilson Hall
Office:  413.572.5776 
Fax:      413.572.8109 

University Involvement
  • Biology Education Program Coordinator
  • Faculty Athletic Representative 

B.S., Florida Institute of Technology, Science Education/Biology
M.S., Florida Institute of Technology, Environmental Education/Conservation Biology option
Ph.D., Florida Institute of Technology, Ecology & Conservation Biology
Joined Westfield State University in 2008

Research Specialization

Paleoecology:  My dissertation research included a 370,000 yr record of vegetation and fire history around Lake Titicaca (Bolivia/Peru). I also conducted a modern analog study in which pollen, charcoal, and limnological data were collected from 35+ lakes in Peru and Bolivia along an elevational gradient. I have also developed an interest in other areas of ecosystem dynamics and can be found conducting gap analyses in local forests.  

STEM Literacy:  I am frequently conducting outreach in K-12 schools on ecological topics, especially climate change.  In addition, I partner with Westfield State's Center for Teacher Education and Research (CENTER) to offer teacher workshops. I present on pedagogical topics such as shifting lessons toward inquiry, debunking science myths and misconceptions, and connecting the Next Generation Science Standards to the Common Core.

Off-campus Collaborations

Spring 2017 Courses:

BIOL 0289:  History and Nature of Scientific Knowledge (Seminar)

BIOL 0278:  Biostatistics

BIOL 0608:  Climate Change (graduate course)

Spring 2017 Office hours:

Monday, 8:15-9:05am; Tuesday, 1:30-3:15pm; or by appointment