Kelly Anne McKeown, Ph.D.

kelly anne mckeown

Assistant Professor
Wilson Bldg 205E


B.S., McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Physics and Physiology
M.S., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Biomechanics
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Joined Westfield State University in 2010


Genes regulating the development of locomotion using zebrafish as a model system
Kinematic analysis using high speed video ( Humans AND Zebrafish)


Anatomy and Physiology 
Molecular Biology Techniques 
Human Genetics 

Fall 2016 Teaching Schedule:

Course Location Time
BIOL 239 LECTURE Wilson 211 MW 12:35-1:25
BIOL 239 LECTURE Wilson 211 MW 11:30-12:20
BIOL 239 LECTURE Wilson 211 MW 10:25-11:15
BIOL 203 SCI 219 TTh 9:45-12:30

Fall 2016 Office hours:

W1:30-3,TH 12:45-1:45

Selected Publications

McKeown,K.A., Moreno, R., Hall, V.L., Ribera, A.B., and Downes, G.B. Disruption of eaat2b, a glutamate transporter, results in abnormal motor behaviors in developing zebrafish. Developmental Biology 362(2): 162-171, 2012.

McKeown, K.A., Downes, G.B., Hutson, L.D. Modular laboratory exercises to analyze the development of zebrafish motor behavior. Zebrafish. 6(2):179-85, 2009.

Hirai,T., McKeown, K.A., Gomes, R.F.M., and Bates, J.H.T. Effects of lung volume on lung and chest wall mechanics in rats. Journal of Applied Physiology. 86: 16-21, 1999.

Selected Presentations

McKeown, K.A., How Does Technotrousers Regulate Locomotor Network Development? International Zebrafish Conference, Madison, WI June 2010

McKeown, K. A., Brown, C. D., Chu, J., Hamill, J., Lower Extremity Coordination over a Fatiguing Run. Proceedings for the XVIII Congress, International Society of Biomechanics, Zurich, Switzerland, June 2001