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Job Search for International Students

Welcome to Westfield!

Welcome to Westfield State University and an exciting new adventure in the United States!  During your time abroad you may wish to work with an American company or organization. A summer position, part-time internship or full-time job after graduation is a great way to learn more about the American culture and gain experience in your career field. The WSU Career Center wants to make sure you have the information and resources you need to easily find and prepare for future positions. Below you will find links to websites that will assist you. And remember the staff at the Westfield State University's Career Center is always available for one-on-one appointments to help you navigate your way to a successful career. 

Resources to Get You Started

  • InternationalStudent.com
    A comprehensive site with information for international students about visas, calling cards, health insurance, jobs/internships, travel and studying in the U.S.
  • U.S. Department of State
    Information about forms and visas for international students wanting to work in the U.S.

Finding an Opportunity

Searching for available jobs in the United States can be challenging for international students.  The links below can further help you identify employers who hire international students.  If you would like help developing your resume and cover letter, and conducting the U.S. job search, please visit the Career Center in the Lammers Hall Annex! 

  • GoAbroad.com
    A constantly updated resource with information on everything from travel abroad, annual job opportunities, TOEFL and more.
  • HTIR Co-op Program
    Internship opportunities for international students to earn money while working on their Masters.
  • iHipo.com
    Free membership website that offers international students an opportunity to network, search for available positions, and be found by employers.
  • Monster.com

Applying for a Position

Resume / Cover Letter
Preparing your resume and cover letter are important first steps to applying for jobs in the United States.   If you have already prepared a curriculum vitae (CV), you can use this as a starting point to create your American resume, but understand that there are key differences in what American employers are looking for.  Consider these tips:

Converting Your CV to a Resume

  •  While CVs provide long descriptions of your position and the company you worked for, resumes are brief and to the point.  Most resumes fit on 1 to 2 pages.
  • Trim those lengthy paragraphs down to a couple of succinct sentences or a few key bullet points.  Employers are looking for your skills, leadership, and evidence of strengths that can help them get the job done!
  • Details such as date of birth or marital status should be left off a resume.
  • If you have a section describing your purpose or intentions to the employer, revise and trim this to one or two brief sentences and list it under a new heading titled "Objective."  If this text is more of a description of your skills and experience, consider calling it a Professional Profile.
  • American resumes should not include a picture of yourself.  While this may be standard practice for some international companies, it is not acceptable on an American resume.

The Cover Letter
The cover letter serves as your introduction to the employer.  It expresses your interest in being considered for a position and provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate how your skills and qualifications match those necessary to perform the job.  An effective cover letter makes you stand out and makes the reader want to look at your resume. 

Use these guides to help you write your resume and cover letter:

Listed below are websites to help you put together a powerful and impressive resume and/or cover letter and ace your job/internship interview. To do a practice interview, call us at 413-572-5206 to schedule a mock interview with a trained career counselor.

Additional Resources