Addiction Counselor Education (A.C.E.)

If you are considering a career in treatment services for alcoholism/chemical dependency, or if you are working in a related field, this program's course work and practicum experience will serve as a valuable introduction to all aspects of the addictions field. Each course is designed to provide you with knowledge and skills required for working in the addictions field. If you are working in the field of alcoholism/chemical dependency and are not credentialed, you may need certification or licensure in the near future. However, you do not need a college degree, nor do you need to be working in the addictions field, to participate in and benefit from the program.

Alcoholism/chemical dependency treatment service agencies are an important element in our nation's health care delivery system. The Addiction Counselor Education program assists in the professional development of people wanting to be involved in this important and growing health care service field. All courses are taught or supervised by professionals in the alcoholism/chemical dependency treatment services field.

This program is available as a one-year certificate program.  Individual courses may also be taken by those who do not need certification. Classes are conveniently offered on evenings and weekends.  A Certificate of Completion is awarded to those individuals who successfully complete the core curriculum in its entirety (five courses, pre-practicum, and practicum). Courses begin each September at Westfield State University. The program is also offered in Worcester at AdCare Hospital beginning in September.

Program Director: Linda Mullis,

Courses (September - May)

  • The Use and Abuse of Alcohol and Other Drugs in Society
  • The Delivery of Alcoholism/Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
  • Counseling the Alcoholic and Other Chemically Dependent Persons
  • Pre-Practicum
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Family Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency Treatment
  • Co-occurring Disorders (Dual Diagnosis)
  • Practicum & Supervision


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