As Schools Match Wits

As Schools Match Wits 2011 Finale

Created by Westfield State University alumnus Leonard Collamore, As Schools Match Wits (ASMW) is an academic competition featuring some of the region’s top high school students. 

First broadcast in October 1961, ASMW is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. In 2006, the program faced an uncertain future when its longstanding home, WWLP, reluctantly canceled the program to align its schedule with the requirements of a new parent company.  The show was kept on the air through a creative partnership between WWLP and the show's new co-producers: Westfield State University and WGBY.

The program is produced on the campus of Westfield State by a crew comprised of students from the college, and airs each week on WGBY, Springfield’s local public television station. The partnership that the keeps the ASMW tradition alive truly is an example of public education and public media at its best.

A Commitment to Secondary Education
ASMW draws its content from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education curriculum frameworks, and allows students to demonstrate and celebrate their academic achievement. A record 50 public and private high schools currently compete on ASMW: additional schools have asked to be added to a waiting list of schools anxious to join in. In collaboration with WGBH, the top four public Massachusetts high school teams from the ASMW season now compete in a statewide competition on WGBH's High School Quiz Show.

A Commitment to Higher Education
What sets ASMW apart from other educational programming is the fact that it is produced on the Westfield campus by a crew comprised of students at the college in a unique and creative partnership with WGBY. Production of the program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to develop their skills in the context of a weekly broadcast show, an invaluable learning lab. The quality of the work Westfield students are capable of is reflected in the number of industry awards ASMW has won since coming to the college.