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MSDN Academic Alliance

The Developer Academic Alliance – previously known as the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance – is a Microsoft program offering annual memberships to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) departments. Such membership provides those departments, and their students and faculty, an extensive array of Microsoft platform, server, and developer tools software for a fee paid annually by the department.

The Computer and Information Science Department at Westfield State University subscribes to this program, and thus a great deal of Microsoft software is available, at no charge, to the Department’s faculty and students, as long as it is to be used for instructional and research purposes only. The software may be installed not only on departmental computers located on campus, but also on the personal computers of departmental faculty
and students.

The MSDN Developer Academic Alliance program hosted by the Computer and Information Science Department is located in Wilson 406A, and is typically overseen by the department’s interns. A letter to students announcing and describing the program is distributed to all departmental students (within their classes) at the start of each academic year and/or semester. (Please refer to the attached letter for specifics of the program.) Following the registration of students in the program by the WSU program administrators, students receive an email providing them with their usernames and passwords, which they may use to “order” software and obtain their product keys. The software itself is then made available to students on CDs, that are obtained from the W406A office.

A vast amount of Microsoft software is available through this program, including Visual Studio.NET Professional, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (and various other operating systems), .NET Enterprise Servers, including Windows, servers, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server, Host Integration Server, Systems Management Server, Sharepoint Portal Server (and others), and both MS Project Professional and MS Visio Professional. Generally, most Microsoft software is available through the program with the exception of MS Office and MS Publisher.