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Dr. Byung Jun Cho

Byung Jun Cho
Staff Name:  Dr. Byung Jun Cho
Title: Associate Professor
Office Location: Horace Mann Center, Office #134
Phone: (413) 572-8308

Ph.D., Criminology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.A., Criminal Justice, State University of New York at Albany
B.S., Police Administration, Dong-guk University, Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Byung Jun Cho joined the criminal justice faculty in the fall of 2009.  His current research interests include institutional corrections, evaluating crime prevention and control strategies, and testing criminological theories in a different national context.  He has recently published works in the  Korean Journal of Private Security, the Korean Journal of Correction Service, and the Korean Journal of Public Safety and Criminal Justice.   Professor Cho's dissertation title is Testing the Generalizability Claims of Gottfredson and Hirschi's General Theory Using Hirschi's Revised Concept of Self-Control.  Other areas of interest for Professor Cho include research methods and the comparative study of criminal justice juvenile delinquency.

If you have any questions for Professor Cho, please feel free to write.