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Communication Degree (B.A.), Communication and Culture Concentration

Why Choose a Concentration in Communication and Culture?

This concentration provides an overview of international, intercultural, and interpersonal communication models and strategies. Courses examine international issues and conflicts, emphasize intercultural awareness, explore ways relationships are structured by patterns of communication, and identify methods to help resolve and reconcile misunderstanding and estrangement. The goal is to involve you more directly with cultural interaction and experiences in preparation for work in culturally diverse contexts.

Requirements for the Concentration in Communication and Culture

Requirements for the Communication Major - 45 Credits

    Required Major Core - 27 Credits

    • COMM 0101 - Introduction to Mass Communication
    • COMM 0102 - Introduction to Human Communication
    • COMM 0201 - Introduction to Communication Technology
    • COMM 0204 - Writing for the Media
    • COMM 0207 - Communication Ethics
    • COMM 0209 - Global Communication
    • COMM 0221 - Communication Theory
    • COMM 0307 - Communication Law
    • COMM 0320 - Foundations of Communication Research


    STUDENTS MUST ELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING CONCENTRATIONS. In addition to the required courses for each concentration, students are required to take electives, one of which must bear a COMM designation. If the concentration requires three or more electives, one of the remaining electives may be chosen from the approved elective list from any of the other concentrations.

      Communication and Culture - 18 Credits


        Three of the following: 9 Credits


        • COMM 0213 - Global Film Studies
        • COMM 0220 - Communication and Conflict
        • COMM 0222 - Intercultural Communication
        • COMM 0225 - Theory and Practice of International Conflict Resolution
        • COMM 0323 - Interpersonal Communication
        • COMM 0350 - Seminar in Global Media Studies Credits: 3

        Electives - choose three - 9 Credits


        • COMM 0212 - Film and Gender
        • COMM 0214 - Topics in Film Credits: 3 (when applicable)
        • COMM 0233 - Documentary Film (when applicable)
        • COMM 0280 - International Seminar
        • COMM 0316 - Special Topics in Communication (when applicable)
        • COMM 0321 - Political Communication

        • COMM 0329 - Crime and the Media or
        • CRJU 0329 - Crime and the Media

        • COMM 0340 - Organizational Communication
        • EGST 0101 - Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies
        • PSYC 0318 - Psychology of Interpersonal Relations and Communications
        • PSYC 0363 - Cross Cultural Psychology
        • SOCI 0200 - Cultural Anthropology

        Additional Graduation Requirements

        All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .

          Clubs & Organizations

          Multicultural Student Association (MSA)

          The purpose of the Multicultural Student Association is to promote diversity and cultural awareness throughout our campus and community.

          Latino Association for Empowerment (LAFE)

          LAFE is an educational, political and social organization of students at Westfield State that supports awareness of multicultural issues.