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Communication in Film Studies Minor

Why Minor in Film Studies?

The Film Studies Minor promotes the interdisciplinary examination of film as a unique media form with its own particular history, narrative elements, industrial structure, and profound political and cultural importance in contemporary society. The goal of this program is to enable you to think critically about the usual modes of consumption through which film is typically received as popular entertainment.

Requirements for the Minor in Film Studies

Requirements for the Film Studies minor - 18 Credits


    Required Course


    • ENGL 0108 - Introduction to Film or
    • COMM 0108 - Introduction to Film

    Elective Courses - 15 Credits

    At least one 300-level course is required to complete the minor

    • COMM 0206 - Video Studio Production
    • COMM 0208 - Video Field Production
    • COMM 0212 - Film and Gender
    • COMM 0213 - Global Film Studies
    • COMM 0233 - Documentary Film
    • COMM 0245 - The Silent Film
    • COMM 0332 - Writing for the Interactive Media
    • ENGL 0285 - Basics of Film Writing
    • ENGL 0367 - Film Theory and Criticism
    • ENGL 0385 - Screenwriting for Feature Film
    • ENGL 0391 - Special Studies in Film
    • ENGL 0393 - History and Development of Motion Pictures
    • PHIL 0217 - Philosophy and Film
    • POLS 0323 - Selected Topics in Political Science