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Middle (Grades 5-8) and Secondary (Grades 8-12) Specialist

Why Choose Middle (Grades 5-8) and Secondary (Grades 8-12) Specialist?

Middle and/or secondary education programs prepare you to teach select academic disciplines at middle and senior high schools. The course work in instructional methods emphasizes helping the pre-service teacher become skilled at communicating the principles and concepts basic to an academic subject.

Requirements for the Middle (5-8) and Secondary Specialist (8-12)

Professional Sequence: Middle (Grades 5-8) and Secondary (Grades 8-12)

The Professional Sequence for Middle and Secondary must be completed by students intending to teach an academic subject area in the Middle or Secondary School. Students must complete an academic major in the subject area in which the licensure is sought.

    Professional Sequence Core:

    • EDUC 0220 - Schools in American Culture (*FB)
    • EDUC 0380 - Critical Multicultural Education

    Professional Sequence Courses Middle and Secondary:

    • EDUC 0221 - Introduction to Students with Exceptional Learning Needs (*FB)
    • EDUC 0321 - The Middle School and its Students **
    • EDUC 0354 - Educational Planning and Evaluation: Middle and Secondary Schools (*FB)
    • EDUC 0363 - Sheltered English Immersion
    • PSYC 0203 - Adolescent Development
    • Appropriate academic methods course Credits 3 (*FB)


    *FB indicates field-based course.

    ** Note: Required for Middle School licensure.

      Appropriate Practicum

      • EDUC 0364 - Practicum: Middle School or
      • EDUC 0369 - Practicum: Secondary School

      Pedagogical Coursework

      A 3.0 cumulative GPA is required in pedagogical coursework specific to your licensure program prior to practicum.  Consult with the department on which courses are classified as part of the pedagogy requirements.