Political Science Degree (B.A.), Law, Interdisciplinary Option

Why Choose the Interdisciplinary Option for Law?

The Interdisciplinary Option for Law prepares you to master the skills needed to excel in your chosen career. 

Requirements for the Political Science Degree, Law, Interdisciplinary Option

Requirement for the Political Science Major - 36 Credits

    Required Major Core – 9 Credits

      Required Courses

      • POLS 0101 - American National Government
      • POLS 0206 - Political Analysis

      One of the following political theory courses

      • POLS 0215 - American Political Thought
      • POLS 0301 - Classical Political Thought
      • POLS 0302 - Modern Political Thought
      • POLS 0335 - Feminist Political Thought
      • POLS 0340 - Politics and “The Family”

      Required Major Concentration - 12-18 Credits

      12 credits in one of the Political Science concentrations.18 credits for students pursuing Law interdisciplinary option or International Studies interdisciplinary option.

        Required Electives - 9 -15 Credits

        15 credits of additional political science course work. 9 credits of additional political science coursework for students pursuing the Law interdisciplinary option or International Studies interdisciplinary option.

        For Selected Topics courses (POLS 0323) to count toward the field of concentration, the courses must be within that field.

        Students transferring from another college must complete a minimum of 18 credits in Political Science at Westfield State University.

        The Department of Political Science encourages students to participate in internships. Students may apply up to 6 credits of internship toward the 36-credit major, 3 of which may be applied to the field of concentration. Up to 3 credits of internship may be applied toward the 18-credit minor. For details, see the department internship manual on the web page or pick up a copy in the department.

          LAW, Interdisciplinary OPTION

          In addition to the 4 required courses under the Law concentration, choose two additional courses (6 credits) from the list below.

          • PHIL 0103 - Symbolic Logic I
          • CRJU 0302 - Criminal Law
          • CRJU 0308 - Rights of the Convicted
          • CRJU 0320 - Criminal Procedure: Fourth Amendment Rights of the Accused
          • CRJU 0321 - Criminal Procedure: Fifth and Sixth Amendment
          • BIOL 0233 - Environmental Legislation
          • MGMT 0241 - Business Law I
          • COMM 0307 - Communication Law
          • SOCI 0330 - Sociology of Law
          • GARP 0225 - Legal Issues in Zoning and Planning
          • HIST 0351 - U. S. Constitutional History Credits: 3

          Additional Graduation Requirements

          All students must meet the University Graduation Requirements and complete a common core of studies, distributed among the different academic areas as detailed in the Common Core .