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Turley Publications

Past Interns:

  • Andrew Mansfield (2015)
  • Chelsea Nelson (2013)
  • Pete Gucwa (2013) 
  • Kris Duplisea (2011)



Turley Publications was once a small, "humble weekly newspaper," located in Palmer. But since its establishment, it has become a chain of over a dozen weekly newspapers with locations all over the Western Massachusetts area.

2015 intern Andrew Mansfield said that he "loved working in publishing. It something I had always been interested in."

2011 intern Kris Duplisea said that one of the goals she had during her internship was to learn how to do live blogging from sporting events, and she did so alongside her supervisor, Sports Editor Dave Forbes. Kris learned how to pace things and how to call the game in this new medium. Dave recommended she start with a slower-paced game, like softball, and then work up to blogging for faster-paced sports like volleyball.

During the semester, Kris described the one-on-one training she was receiving in writing photo captions. She said there was more to it than she thought.

Students interested in this internship should enjoy writing as well as editing and have good communication skills. Interns will have a chance to hone their skills in reporting, web design, blogging, photography, and caption writing.

Turley Publications 

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