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Geography, Planning, and Sustainability Faculty & Staff


Dr. Carsten Braun - Professor
413.572.5595, Email, Wilson 203d
Physical Geography, GISEnvironmental Science, Climate Change

Dr. Robert S. Bristow - Professor
413.572.5215, Email, Wilson 203e
Physical Geography, Quantitative Methods, Recreation Geography

Dr. Brian Conz - Associate Professor - Chair
413.572.8084, Email, Wilson 201a
Political Ecology, Environmental Conservation, Central America

Dr. Alina Gross - Assistant Professor
413.572.8314, Email, Wilson 203a
Regional/Urban Planning, Housing, Public Participation, Legal Issues

Dr. Karl Leiker - Professor 
413.572.5342, Email, Wilson 141
Physical Geography, Climatology, Meteorology, Severe and Unusual Weather

Dr. Timothy LeDoux - Associate Professor, GIS Coordinator
413.572.5722, Email, Wilson 203b
GIS, Remote Sensing, Urban Development and Ecology

Dr. Samuel Ndegeah - Assistant Professor
413.572.8479, Email, Wilson 201B
World Regional Geography, Cultural Geography, Cities of the Global South, Urban and Regional Planning, and Africa

Dr. Dristi Neog - Assistant Professor
413.572.5721, Email, Wilson 203c
Community Planning, Transportation, GIS

Emeritus Faculty

Adjunct Faculty