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Job Potential

The widespread adoption of geospatial technology has transformed GIS and Remote Sesing into a high growth industry with the Department of Labor estimating an employment growth of 5% to 15% over the next 10 years.  This rapid growth has made Geographers with GIS and Remote Sensing training one of the fastest growing and well paying occupations in the United States and around the world!

GIS Careers

Many careers utilize GIS.  Click on the following links to see how GIS is being used in the following industries:

Looking for a job?  Check out some of these GIS and Remote Sensing Job listings sites.

GIS Salaries

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Landing a Job

Thinking about how to successfully position yourself for a career in GIS takes time and a little strategic planning.  It is vital that one build a strong background knowledge and skill set while gaining some practical hands on work experience through an internship during their college experience.  Moreover, it is vital that students start professionally networking in order to get their foot in the door. 

Use Social Media to land a job!

GIS Listservs

There are several regional GIS users groups/listservs that you might also think about joining.  These listservs provide a space for GIS professionals to talk with other GIS professionals.  Topics of emails range from technical questions to job postings.  This is a great way to informally see the type of work available within the region and to begin to think about potential contacts for networking.  With that said, you should use the listserv responsibly, do not use it to mail out your resume to all the users or pester potential future employers.  There is no quicker way to isolate yourself from the GIS community in your region by mail bombing them with your resume or asking them questions about your classes.  Think of yourself as a passive observer on these listservs until you land your first job.

Geospatial Technology Resources

Need more resources then check out some the links below: