Current and Future Courses

Current and Future History Courses

Students from any major are welcome to take any history department courses that interest them. There are no prerequisites for most courses. Each semester we offer 25+ survey courses in U.S. History, World History, and Western Experience. In addition, history faculty offer 35 different “electives” in the areas of U.S., European, Latin American, African, Middle Eastern and World History. Students should be aware that 300-level courses are more demanding than 200-level and will require more in-depth reading, writing, and research assignments. These are the electives scheduled for the upcoming academic year.

History majors select any 6 history electives of their choice (two must be at the 300 level), in addition to their other history requirements. Note that elective courses are usually offered only every 2nd or 3rd year, so if you see a course that you’re interested in you should plan to register for it. Most students take electives only in their Junior and Senior years.


HIST0121           THE HISTORIAN (1CREDIT)                                          Morin, E
HIST0215          INTRO:ASIA, AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST                       Young, E        (online)
HIST0270         U.S. FOOD & SPIRITS HISTORY                                  Orr, B
HIST0270         MUSEUM & HISTORIC SITE INTERPRET                    Piccard, D
HIST0272         HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN WEST                          Aieta, N
HIST0278         TRADITIONAL AFRICA TO 1807                                  Banwo, A
HIST0284         AFRICAN WOMEN REVISIONING HISTORY              Young, E
HIST0290         COMEDY & SOCIAL CHANGE                                    Abate, M       (online)
HIST0290         MAGIC & WITCHCRAFT                                              Abate, M
HIST0300         ROMAN REPUBLIC                                                      Dempsey, J
HIST0310          U.S. POPULAR CULTURE                                            Morin, E         (hybrid)
HIST0372         DRUGS IN LATIN AMERICA                                        Cleaton-Ruiz, C
HIST0375         U.S./LATIN AMERICAN RELATIONS SINCE 1898      Cleaton-Ruiz, C


HIST 0215                 Intro to Asia, Africa, Middle East                                   Young                         (online)
HIST 0215                 Intro to Asia, Africa, Middle East                                   Young                         (online)
HIST 0251                 US Colonial History 1400 - 1763                                    Aieta
HIST 0266                History of Baseball                                                         Dempsey                   (online)
HIST 0279                 Latin American Revolutions                                          Cleaton-Ruiz
HIST 0276                 Latin America to 1800                                                   Cleaton-Ruiz              (online)
HIST 0283                 Contemporary Africa                                                     Banwo
HIST 0289                 Approaches to Conflict in Middle East & Africa          Young                         (new!)
HIST 0290                 Zombies and Pop Culture                                             Abate                         (online)
HIST 0312                  U.S. Disability History                                                    Orr                              (new!)
HIST 0328                 Roman Empire                                                                Dempsey
HIST 0359                 US. Cold War Era, 1945-1990                                        Morin


HIST 0121                 The Historian                                                Morin            
HIST 0215                Intro to Asia, Africa, Middle East                 Young                         (online)
HIST 0215                Intro to Asia, Africa, Middle East                 Young                         (online)
HIST 0270                Adirondack Study Abroad                          Morin                          (new!)
HIST 0277                Latin Amer. Nations 1800-Present              Cleaton-Ruiz
HIST 0290                Faces of Evil                                                 Abate
HIST 0291                 European Imperialism                                 Banwo
HIST 290                  History Thru Performing Arts                      YounG
HIST 0288                Topics in 20th Century European History  Julian                          (new!)
                                           or  Hist 285 Public History
HIST 0273                Labor & Economic History                           Dodge                        (online)
HIST 0290                History of Comedy                                       Abate                         (online)
HIST 0351                 U.S. Constitutional History                           Morin
HIST 0395                Senior Seminar: Visual Culture of 19th       Aieta                           (new!)