John Dempsey, Ph.D.

John Dempsey, Ph.D.                                  Associate Professor
Office: Bates Hall 021                                Phone: 413-572-5692
Joined Westfield State University in 2006

Ph.D. History,  Boston University, 2006
Areas of Interest: Ancient and Medieval Europe, Religious History, Sports History                    

Courses Taught:
HIST 101 - Western Experience I 
HIST 102 - Western Experience II 
HIST 266 - History of Baseball
HIST 267 - Sports in World History
HIST 324 - Roman Republic
HIST 325 - Roman Empire
HIST 326 - Age of Chivalry, 600-1400 A.D.
HIST 327 - European Dark Ages, 300-1000 A.D.


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Articles titled “Ethical Perspectives in Crusading,” “The Medieval Papacy and the Crusading Movement,” “Pope Gregory VII and the Idea of Crusade,” and “Pope Urban II’s Idea of Crusade,” all in History in Dispute: The Crusades (New York: Thomson Gale 2002).