Cost of Attendance

For students entering in January 2020, the total program cost over the two years will be $88,320 plus a $1000 enrollment fee at the beginning of the program.

For the policies and procedures for refunds of tuition and fees, please visit DGCE Withdrawal.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the resources required for all courses and laboratory sessions. The costs below are estimates and the responsibility of the students.

Students can expect to spend upward of $2,560 for direct educational resources throughout the program. Program and education resources include the following:

  • BLS certification ($100)
  • ACLS certification ($300)
  • ROSH Review ($175)
  • Typhon access ($90)
  • DxR Clinician ($75)
  • Background check ($60)
  • Drug screening ($60)
  • Hardcopy books ($200)
  • Clerkship travel costs (can be up to $1500)

science center patient assessment lab panoramic

Students are also required to purchase an equipment kit, which will be used in the instruction of history and physical examination techniques. The cost of the equipment kit is approximately $2,000 - $2,600. Some students may elect to purchase additional equipment in the clinical phase of the program. There will be a designated “Equipment Day” after the start of the program, in which students will be able to go over the Kit below in preparation for purchase.

The Equipment kit is as follows for ALL students:

  • Ophthalmoscope & Otoscope with pneumatic attachment $600-$800
  • Adult sphygmomanometer (BP cuff) $150-$250
  • Cardiology grade stethoscope with bell and diaphragm $70-$200
  • Reflex hammer $3
  • Tuning Fork – 256 (vibratory sensation) $13
  • Tuning Fork – 512 (auditory sensation) $12
  • Flexible tape measure with centimeter markings $3
  • Penlight $4
  • Rosenbaum pocket eye chart $4
  • Watch with second hand $20
  • Patient gown $7
  • Short lab coat $20
  • Suture set $40-$150
  • Safety glasses $4
  • ID badge $15
  • iPad Pro with Apple Pencil $1,000
  • Full length mirror $10

*costs listed above are estimates only

student in patient assessment lab