Program Goals & Results

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Program Goals & Results



Matriculate a diverse student body with a commitment to professional involvement and service to all members of the community.

The first two cohorts of WSU PA students self-report in their CASPA application an average of 39% diversity. They have contributed to their communities with a combined 196,573 patient care hours.

Provide Physician Assistant students with superior knowledge and skills for the evaluation, monitoring, diagnosis, treatment, and counseling of patients across their lifespan.

The current PA cohorts were recruited with an average GPA of 3.54 for Class of 2019 and 3.57 for Class of 2020. Although the first cohort is currently on rotations, the evaluation from preceptors is very positive.
Interprofessional Education:

Educate the Physician Assistant student to function effectively within a health care team.

The Westfield PA students participate in Interprofessional Grand Rounds and simulations throughout the curriculum. Currently, the pa program is participating in a HRSA IPE grant with the department of social work and nursing regarding patient care in substance abuse disorders.

Encourage all students and graduates to engage in the overall well-being of the community.

The students perform service in the community to reinforce their new skills and learning. This year, students participated in BP350, taking blood pressures throughout Westfield to celebrate the 350th birthday of the city.

Achieve a 100% first-time pass rate on the NCCPA PANCE examination

The WSU PA Program aspires to achieve a 100% first time pass rate on the NCCPA PANCE exam. We are pleased to have surpassed the 2019 national average of 93%, with a 95% first time pass rate.
NCCPA Program Report

Accomplish a pathway for a rewarding career through an affordable public PA program offering. Graduates will serve the medically underserved communities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and beyond.

Employment data will be made available upon graduation of the first cohort in December 2019.


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