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MTEL ComLit Preparation

The Banacos Academic Center is home to MTEL ComLit Preparation, as well as the Academic Strategies Program, Disability Services, the University Tutoring Program and our program for Students with Learning Disabilities.

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure® Communication and Literacy Skills test is required of all students planning to teach K-12 in the Massachusetts public schools. It is the first of various tests in the MTEL series. Banacos Academic Center’s MTEL ComLit Preparation provides direct assistance to education majors through group workshops and individual support opportunities. The coordinator works with students on test familiarity, useful strategies and practice.

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To sign up for MTEL ComLit Preparation workshops, please go to our Academic Strategies and MTEL ComLit Preparation Scheduler.  Please use one of the following browsers:

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Below is the schedule for the MTEL ComLit workshops series offered during the fall semester for both the writing and the reading subtests.  The workshops are divided for first- and second-time MTEL testers and repeat MTEL testers who have taken the test at least twice.  The location for the workshops is the Banacos Academic Center conference room (Parenzo 159), and materials will be supplied.

*** IF A STUDENT HAS A CLASS and is UNABLE to attend a workshop, he or she should email to mtelcomlit@westfield.ma.edu and indicate class (sophomore, junior), which topic(s) is(are) needed (writing, reading, or both), number of times taken (0, 3), and available days & times.  Some alternate dates may be provided based on schedules.***

To reserve a seat for one of the MTEL ComLit Workshops, students should register and see the schedule online at http://www.westfield.ma.edu/banacos/scheduler/.  The MTEL Workshops are highlighted in green on that scheduler.  Please attend one of the workshops before making an individual appointment as questions should be covered during the group times.  For the writing subtest, students need to attend both writing portion days.  If a workshop is full, the scheduler allows students to place their names on the waiting list.  Students with a workshop reservation should receive an email reminder the day before.  Please cancel 3 hours ahead if you cannot attend so another student may use the seat. 

***Be sure to reserve a seat for the appropriate workshop series type:  for first- or second-time testers OR for repeat testers who have taken the test at least twice. ***

It is suggested that First-Year students wait to take these tests until the end of their first year (or at least after their first semester).  Therefore, such students should not sign up for one of the MTEL Workshop series until spring semester if summer testing is planned, or they may wait until the fall of their sophomore year to attend the workshops.

For questions about MTEL ComLit preparation assistance, please email to mtelcomlit@westfield.ma.edu.


Monday, 9/17:                4:00-6:00         Overview & Writing – Grammar 

Tuesday, 9/18:               4:00-6:00         Writing – Summary & Composition

Tuesday, 9/25:              4:00-6:00         Reading


Monday, 10/16:              4:00-6:00         Overview & Reading

Monday, 10/22:             4:00-6:00         Writing – Summary & Composition                                                    

Tuesday, 10/23:             4:00-6:00         Writing – Grammar      


Monday, 12/3                  4:00-6:00       Overview & Writing – Grammar  

Tuesday, 12/ 4                 4:00-6:00      Writing – Summary & Composition

Tuesday, 12/11                 4:00-6:00       Reading

Students need to be sure to attend BOTH sessions for the Writing subtest (grammar and summary/composition)!!

FOR REPEAT TESTERS  (who have taken the test at least twice)

(Please bring the breakdown of your scores [with the check marks – not just the total score] on past tests.)

Thursday, 9/20:             1:00-2:30         Writing – Grammar 

Thursday, 9/27:             1:00-2:30         Writing – Summary & Composition 

Thursday, 10/11:             1:00-2:30         Reading


Monday, 10/29:             4:00-5:30         Reading           

Monday, 11/5:                4:00-5:30          Writing – Grammar   

Tuesday, 11/6:               4:00-5:30          Writing – Summary & Composition

MTEL ComLit Preparation services are available during the Fall and Spring semesters only.

Sarah E. Lazare, Director
Katy Milford, Coordinator of Academic Strategies and MTEL ComLit Preparation

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