Organ/Harpsichord Auditions

Students who are interested in studying organ or harpsichord are required to have a minimum of four years of prior piano study, and to meet certain basic standards of technical proficiency. The audition will consist of representative examples from the student's current piano repertoire, as well as scales and arpeggios. The audition will also include the sight-reading of a hymn or chorale. The technical difficulty of the audition repertoire should be roughly equivalent to the following works:

  • Mozart, Sonata K. 545, or Sonata K. 332
  • Beethoven, Sonata op. 49 no. 1
  • Bach, any Prelude and Fugue from The Well Tempered Clavier
  • Bartok, any work from Mikrokosmos Book 4

If a student has already begun organ or harpsichord study, and wishes to continue, the audition will consist of representative pieces from his or her current repertoire.