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Boating Safety

Taught by qualified U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary instructors, this course includes information on boat construction, life jackets, trailer handling, boat handling, the waterway marking system, reading buoys, day markers, lights, rules you must follow, inland boating, introduction to navigation, charts, chart tools, boat motors, line and knots, basic weather and your boat radio. This course is a must for all beginners as well as serious boaters and satisfies all states’ requirements for licensing. A certificate will be issued when you pass the final exam. Ages: adults and children as young as 7th grade.

Required book available from instructor first night of class, cost $40.

Section: CMED N002-001
Instructor: Bruce Mason, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 
Dates: February 7 - April 11, 2017
Time: Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:15pm
Location: Wilson Hall Auditorium A, 130
Cost: $25.00

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