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Human Biology for Social Workers 

Social workers, to effectively assess client systems, need to have background knowledge in sociology, psychology, political science, economics and human biology. This course will provide social work students with basic knowledge about human biology that will aid them in assessing client systems and creating intervention plans that have a greater potential to create desired outcomes. The course will explore the basics of anatomy, biological development, and heredity. Further, the course will look at issues around health, illness, disability, mental illness, the impact of substance use, sexuality, and aging. Finally, we will examine issues around Public Health.

This course is intended for students entering an MSW program that requires all students to have completed a Human Biology class before starting the graduate program. The course also is intended for BSW students who have completed their core science requirements but are still required to complete a Human Biology class as part of their Social Work Program. Since the requirements of each MSW and BSW program vary, we strongly recommend that the student check that this course will meet the requirements of their program before completing the course. A copy of the syllabus is available to document the course content to MSW and BSW programs.

This is a noncredit pass/fail course.

Section: CMED N017-001
Instructor: TBA
Dates: May 23 - June 30, 2016
Time: Online
Location: Online
Cost: $415.00

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