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Psychology Faculty & Staff


Lynn M. Shelley, Ph.D.
Lynn M. Shelley, Ph.D., Chair
Phone Number: 413-572-5607
Office Number: Wilson 105 H
Field of Doctoral Degree: Applied Developmental Psychology
Doctoral Institution: Fordham University
Areas of expertise: : Cross-Cultural Psychology, Early Intervention and Assessment for Infants and Toddlers; Sex and Health Education in Adolescence; Family Diversity
Courses: Research Methods in Psychology; Child Development; Adolescent Development; Advanced Developmental Psychology; Infant and Toddler Development; Contemporary Family Diversity


Linda Hogan-Shea
Linda Hogan-Shea, Administrative Assistant II
Phone Number: 413-572-5376
Office Number: Wilson 105 I

Linda Albright, Ph.D.

Linda Albright, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5701
Office Number: Wilson 115 F
Field of Doctoral Degree: Social Psychology
Doctoral Institution: University of Connecticut
Areas of Expertise: Interpersonal Perception; Dyadic Interaction Leadership; Experimental Validity
Courses: Social Psychology, Statistics, Theories of Personality, Interpersonal Relations and Communication, Psychology of Religion, Group Dynamics, Experimental Social Psychology

Leonardo F. Andrade, Ph.D., BCBA

Leonardo F. Andrade, Ph.D., BCBA
Phone Number: 413-572-5380
Office Number: Wilson 115 D
Field of Doctoral Degree: Behavioral Analysis
Areas of expertise: Delay Discounting, Behavioral Economics, Choice, Impulsivity, Contingency Management Treatments for Substance-Use Disorders and Healthy Behaviors.
Courses: Learning, Research Methods, Introduction to Psychology, Theoretical Foundations of Behavior Analysis, Single Subject Design and Methodology, Choice, Impulsivity, and Addition, Verbal Behavior


Eric R. Bressler, Ph. D.
Eric R. Bressler, Ph. D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5719
Office Number: Wilson 105 B
Field of Doctoral Degree: Evolution and Social Behavior
Doctoral Institution: McMaster University
Areas of expertise: Evolutionary psychology, animal behavior, mate choice, humor
Courses: Comparative Psychology; Learning; Research Methods; Introduction to Psychology; Psychology of Film

Rebecca A. Burwell, Ph.D.
Rebecca A. Burwell, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5379
Office Number: Wilson 105 F
Field of Doctoral Degree: Clinical-Child Psychology
Doctoral Institution: University of Denver
Areas of expertise: Adolescence, Developmental Psychopathology, Counseling, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self-Concept, Self-worth Contingencies, Rumination, Emotion Regulation
Courses: Adolescent Development, Theories of Personality, Theories of Counseling, Counseling Theory and Practice,  Psychology of Depression (capstone), Psychology of the Family (in person and online), Mindfulness and Buddhist Psychology (online), Advanced Counseling and Supervision (graduate program)

Joe Camilleri
Joseph A. Camilleri, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413 572-5700
Office Number: Wilson 115 G
Field of Doctoral Degree: Social-Personality Psychology
Doctoral Institution: Queen's University
Courses: Research Methods, Statistics, Introduction to Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Psychometrics
Areas of expertise: Evolutionary psychology, psychometrics, and forensic psychology, particularly etiology, assessment, and treatment of sexual offenders, domestic violence, psychopathy, developmentally disabled offenders, and risk assessments
Other: Director-at-large, Criminal Justice Psychology Section, Canadian Psychological Association
Personal Page: Dr. Camilleri

Claudia Ciano-Boyce, Ed.D.
Claudia Ciano-Boyce, Ed.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5749
Office Number: Wilson 106 F
Field of Doctoral Degree: Counseling Psychology
Doctoral Institution: University of Mass/Amherst
Areas of expertise: Psychopathology and diagnosis; clinical and counseling psychology; nontraditional families; gay/lesbian family issues; psychology and public policy
Courses: Abnormal Psychology; Theories of Personality; Theories of Counseling; Psychology of the Family; From Disorder to Orientation: How psychology has dealt with homosexuality; Psychology, Politics and Presidential Elections

T. Alex Daniel, Ph.D.       
Phone Number:  413-572-5346
Office Number: Wilson 115 E
Field of Doctoral Degree: Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences
Doctoral Institution: Auburn University
Areas of expertise: Memory, attention, taste perception, object recognition, abstract-concept learning
Courses: Cognitive Psychology, Sensation & Perception, History & Systems, Research Methods, Introduction to Psychology
Personal Page:

Janet Gebelt, Ph. D.
Janet Gebelt, Ph. D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5435
Office Number: Wilson 105 C
Field of Doctoral Degree: Developmental Psychology
Doctoral Institution: Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Areas of Expertise: Developmental Psychology; Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood; Psychosocial Development (especially identity) and Emotion
Courses: Introductory Psychology; Child Development; Adolescent Development; Statistics; Emotion

Robert Hayes, Ph. D.,
Robert Hayes, Ph. D.,

Chairman of Graduate Program in Psychology
Advisor for Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program
Phone Number: 413-572-5488
Office Number: Wilson 118
Field of Doctoral Degree: Clinical Psychology
Doctoral Institution: George Washington University
Areas of Expertise: Clinical Health, Behavior Change, Applied Counseling, GLBT
Courses: Health Psychology, Research Methods, Statistics, Introduction to Psychology, Counseling Theory & Practice, Ethics

Stanley Jackson, Ph.D.
Stanley Jackson, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5720
Office Number: Wilson 105 D
Field of Doctoral Degree: Physiological Psychology
Doctoral Institution: University of Colorado
Areas of Expertise: Physiological Psychology; Learning and Memory; Neuropharmacology; Behavioral Genetics
Courses: Physiological Psychology; Research Methods; Introductory Psychology; Drugs and Behavior; Psychopharmacology (Graduate)

Ricki E. Kantrowitz, Ph.D.
Ricki E. Kantrowitz, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5378
Office Number: Wilson 105 E
Field of Doctoral Degree: Clinical Psychology
Doctoral Institution: Michigan State University
Areas of Expertise: Counseling Skills; Women's Mental Health Issues; Global Mental Health Issues
Courses: Abnormal Psychology, Practicum in Psychology, Counseling Theory and Practice, Cross Cultural Psychology, Women and Mental Health; Counseling Basics, Advanced Counseling (Graduate), Psychology Internship (Graduate)

Jorge Reyes, Ph.D., BCBA
Jorge Reyes, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Advisor for Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Program
Phone Number: 413-572-8902
Office Number: Wilson 106 G
Field of Doctoral Degree: Behavior Analysis
Doctoral Institution: University of Florida
Areas of expertise: Assessment and Treatment of Adult Male Sex Offenders with Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Developmental Disabilities
Courses: Introduction to Psychology,  Behavior Modification, Behavior Analysis Applications, Behavioral Interventions
Other Interests: Education, Staff Training, Delay Discounting, Behavioral Economics
Other: Advisor to the Applied Behavior Analysis graduate program

Jack A.Szpiler, Ed.D.
Jack A.Szpiler, Ed.D.
Advisor for Continuing Education
Phone Number: 413-572-5381
Office Number: Wilson 105 G
Field of Doctoral Degree: Education (Prescriptive Counseling)
Doctoral Institution: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Area of Expertise: Stress Management
Courses: Introductory, Educational Psychology, Child Development, Stress Management, I/O Psychology

Roger M. Tudor, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Roger M. Tudor, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Phone Number: 413-572-5651
Office Number: Wilson 106 D
Field of Doctoral Degree: Applied Behavior Analysis (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)
Doctoral Institution: University of South Florida
Areas of Expertise: Applied Behavior Analysis, Educational Psychology, Verbal Behavior, Autism
Courses: Behavior Modification, Educational Psychology, Child Psychology, Behavior Therapy, Single Subject Research Design, Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (Graduate)

Summer Williams, Ph.D.
Summer Williams, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-8786
Office Number: Wilson 115 C
Field of Doctoral Degree: Social/Personality Psychology
Doctoral Institution: University of California, Riverside
Areas of Expertise: Health communication and health outcomes research including: Interpersonal aspects of health communication including verbal and nonverbal communication, physician humanism, empathy, mental health care, lifestyle/ health promotion counseling, effects of patient ethnicity and economic status on therapeutic communication, and patient participation in medical care.
Courses: Intro, Health Psychology, Social Psychology, Capstone Experience in Psychology of Illness, Capstone Experience in Health of Vulnerable Populations.