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Psychology Faculty & Staff

wsu psychology faculty spring 2019

Lynn M. Shelley, Ph.D.
Lynn M. Shelley, Ph.D., Chair
Phone Number: 413-572-5607
Office Number: Wilson 105 H

Linda Hogan-Shea
Linda Hogan-Shea, Administrative Assistant II
Phone Number: 413-572-5376
Office Number: Wilson 105 I

Linda Albright, Ph.D.

Linda Albright, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5701
Office Number: Wilson 115 F


Leonardo F. Andrade, Ph.D., BCBA
Phone Number: 413-572-5380
Office Number: Wilson 115 D

Eric R. Bressler, Ph.D.
Eric R. Bressler, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5719
Office Number: Wilson 105 B

Rebecca A. Burwell, Ph.D.
Rebecca A. Burwell, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5379
Office Number: Wilson 105 F

Joe Camilleri
Joseph A. Camilleri, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413 572-5700
Office Number: Wilson 115 G
Personal Page: Dr. Camilleri

Claudia Ciano-Boyce, Ed.D.
Claudia Ciano-Boyce, Ed.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5749
Office Number: Wilson 106 F


T. Alex Daniel, Ph.D.       
Phone Number:  413-572-5346
Office Number: Wilson 115 E
Personal Page:

Janet Gebelt, Ph.D.
Janet Gebelt, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5435
Office Number: Wilson 105 C

Robert Hayes, Ph.D.,
Robert Hayes, Ph.D.,

Chairman of Graduate Program in Psychology
Advisor for Mental Health Counseling Graduate Program
Phone Number: 413-572-5720
Office Number: Wilson 105 D

Stanley Jackson, Ph.D.
Stanley Jackson, Ph.D. (Retired)

Ricki E. Kantrowitz, Ph.D.
Ricki E. Kantrowitz, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-5378
Office Number: Wilson 105 E

Jorge Reyes, Ph.D., BCBA
Jorge Reyes, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Advisor for Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Program
Phone Number: 413-572-8902
Office Number: Wilson 106 G

Jack A.Szpiler, Ed.D.
Jack A.Szpiler, Ed.D.
Advisor for Continuing Education
Phone Number: 413-572-5381
Office Number: Wilson 105 G

Roger M. Tudor, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Roger M. Tudor, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Phone Number: 413-572-5651
Office Number: Wilson 106 D

Summer Williams, Ph.D.
Summer Williams, Ph.D.
Phone Number: 413-572-8786
Office Number: Wilson 115 C