Making an Appointment is Easy:

Reading and Writing Center FAQs

When is the Reading and Writing Center open?
Our schedule varies from semester to semester.  To make an appointment, see the online scheduler here.

Who are the writing consultants?
The Reading and Writing Center professional consultants are experienced writers and teachers. 

Who can make an appointment?
Westfield students from any major, veterans, faculty, staff, and alumni can schedule a FREE appointment at the Reading and Writing Center.

How do I make an appointment?
Go to our website and use our online scheduler or come by our office in Parenzo 218.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?
Bring all the materials associated with your assignment, including the assignment sheet and/or rubric, your most recent draft, your pre-writing (notes, outlines, etc), and relevant readings.  If possible, please bring two copies of your most recent draft and your laptop.

May I request a particular consultant?
Yes.  Developing long-term relationships tends to be fruitful for both the student and the consultant.                   

What should I do if there are not any appointments available?
Use the online scheduler to sign up to be notified of an opening in the schedule. Appointments open up every day. Or, take advantage of our drop-in hours. See online scheduler for exact times.

What should I do if I need to cancel or reschedule?
Cancellations must be made 12 hours in advance by using the online scheduler or calling 413-572-5569.

What happens if I do not show up for my appointment?
If you miss two appointments without canceling in advance, you will not be allowed to make an appointment at the Reading and Writing Center again during the semester. You will be allowed to drop by for a session during our drop-in hours.

What if I am late for an appointment?
If you are more than ten minutes late, you risk losing your session. Please call us if you are going to be more than ten minutes late.

Is there a limit to the number of appointments I may make?
You may schedule two sessions per week, except by special request. You are not allowed to make back-to-back appointments.  

What happens in a Reading and Writing Center session?
Appointments usually begin with the consultant asking you a few questions, such as: “What are you working on? What brings you to the Reading and Writing Center today? What would you like to focus on during the session?” Sessions run best if you come prepared to answer these questions. This means reading your paper over before the session and reflecting on your writing so that you may articulate your concerns to the consultant. The more engaged you are with the session, the more you can expect to get out of it.

What kind of writing may I bring?
You may bring any type of writing (resumes, cover letters, personal statements, essays, lab reports, poems, anything!) at any stage in the process. You may even come to the Reading and Writing Center to brainstorm. Getting started on a writing assignment can be challenging, so don’t be afraid to come bounce your ideas off a consultant. Consultants can also help you read difficult texts, create outlines, or take notes.

Will my instructor know I have used the Reading and Writing Center?
Your consultant will email a session report to your instructor unless you ask her not to. These session reports are meant to help your teacher help you become a better writer.

Is it okay for me to seek assistance on take-home exams to the Reading and Writing Center?
You may only bring take-home exams to the Reading and Writing Center if we have received written permission via email from your instructor.

Do I have to leave the Reading and Writing Center once my appointment is over?

No—you can stay and use our resources. We have computers for you to use and books and handouts that you can consult. You also can ask questions of the reading and writing consultants when they are not working with other students.