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Catherine Savini

Catherine Savini, Director

Parenzo 218
(413) 572-5569

Catherine Savini is the director of the Reading and Writing Center and the coordinator of Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) initiative. Her research interests include writing centers, WAC, composition and rhetoric, and critical service learning. As an instructor of writing, her goal is to teach students how to find problems and questions worth pursuing and support students in using writing for social change. Catherine is the co-editor of a website called MotherShould? (mothershould.com) for women on the fence about the kid question. 

Carlin Mackie
Carlin Mackie, Assistant Director

Carlin Mackie holds degrees from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and the MFA Program for Poets and Writers at UMass. His stories and poems have appeared in Hobart, Copper Nickel, and ILK, among others.  He teaches writing at Westfield State University and is the Assistant Director of the Reading and Writing Center.  He focuses on working with multilingual students, helping them to achieve academic success while maintaining their own voice.

Sarah J. Heim
Sarah J. Heim, Professional Consultant

Sarah J. Heim is a professional writing consultant at the Reading and Writing Center. She has taught composition at Westfield State University since 2005. Prior to teaching, Sarah worked as a professional journalist and editor in San Francisco and Boston. She has covered a wide range of topics, and her writing has appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, San Jose Magazine, MIT’s TechnologyReview.com, Adweek, Stanford Magazine, the Daily Hampshire Gazette, and the Huffington Post. She is passionate about helping students find their voice and discover new ways to communicate through writing.

Michael Antoinetti, Professional Consultant

Michael Antoinetti is a professional writing consultant at the Reading and Writing Center. He has taught English composition at Westfield State University since 2015. He earned an MFA in fiction from Southern Connecticut State University, and his writing has been featured in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and The Philadelphia Review of Books. He is passionate about music, synthesizers, and environmental issues. He won’t make you read your paper aloud if you don’t want to.

Meghan Donnelly, Graduate Writing Consultant
Masters of Social Work

Meghan is a graduate student, studying psychology for school guidance counseling. In addition to working at the Reading and Writing Center, Meghan is also a graduate assistant with the Common Goods food pantry. She holds her bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish, and enjoys working with English Language Learners. Meghan is dedicated to helping students discover their own unique and effective ways to communicate through writing.

Anaila Aleman
Anaila Aleman

Anaila is a Theatre Arts major here at WSU and she loves to interact with many kinds of people within the campus community. She is one of the creators of the Tell Me About Your Day chapter on campus promoting mental wellness, advocates feminism performing in The Vagina Monologues and takes part in many different social justice oriented events every year. Anaila loves to write! Poetry and argumentative papers are her favorite works to produce. When it comes to the writing process, Anaila believes that everyone is a writer in progress and there is always room to expand one's knowledge and writing skills.

Marissa Cremin

Marissa is a senior studying Communications with a minor in Political Science. Her favorite part of Westfield is her involvement in Student Government and Student Ambassadors. Growing up, English was Marissa’s favorite class, and she has always enjoyed writing. What she loves most about working at the Reading and Writing Center is having the opportunity to help others grow as writers, and build confidence in their writing abilities.

Olivia Hampersoomian

Olivia is a psychology major at Westfield State. She is currently involved in the Musical Theater Guild, Lambda Sigma Honor Society, and is an inductee into the Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology. In addition to working in the Reading and Writing Center, Olivia also works as a Residential Assistant. She believes that the Reading and Writing Center is a great tool for students to develop their writing skills!

Madeleine Hebert

Maddy is a Theatre Arts major here at WSU. She is a technical and design student who spends most of her time in the Ely Blackbox working on productions. She is the upcoming president of the Student Theatre Association. She thinks that there is always room for improvement when it comes to the writing process and that every student should find what works for them. 

Caroline Koty
Caroline Koty

Caroline Koty is a Social work major minoring in criminal justice, class of 2018. Caroline has a niche for helping others and works immensely in reducing the stigma of mental health on campus. She is the president of Westfield State’s chapter of Tell Me About Your Day. Caroline is from Somerville, MA. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry, listening to music, and hanging out with friends.

Ashley Linnehan


Ashley is an English major who is also seeking certification in Secondary Education. She is involved with Persona, SEAM, SHAC, and Sigma Tau Delta on campus, as well as being the Associate Student Representative for the Eastern Region for Sigma Tau Delta, and the Project Proposal Writer for the Commonwealth Honors Program. In addition, she is in the process of completing her Senior Honors Project about dialectical and linguistic diversity in the RWC.

Meytal Raikhman

Meytal is a Special Education Major and Psychology Minor at Westfield State. She is the president of The Jewish Student Organization. She also has a significant interest in social justice and multiculturalism. In collaboration with the interfaith center, she and other members organized an interfaith dialogue “The Art of Listening” event to promote learning about other cultures. Writing for her is journey you may not know where you are going or how long it will take but it is full of surprises.

Emily Spakauskas

Emily Spakauskas

Emily Spakauskas is a Communication Major and Writing Minor at Westfield. She is Secretary for the Class of 2018, writes for The Voice, and enjoys being busy and involved on campus. She has studied abroad in Florence, Italy and is the President of Lambda Pi Eta- the Communication Honors Society. She feels that as agonizing as revision is, the most important aspect of writing is to remember that is it-and always will be - a process.

Nicholas St. Pierre


Nick is an English major with a writing concentration at Westfield State.  To him, writing is a vehicle for expression.  There a few places where we can be so entirely ourselves other than in our writing.  He believes that the best writing does not come from spontaneous moments of brilliance, but rather dedication, scrutiny, and most importantly, revision. 

Lilly Whalen
Lilly Whalen 

Lilly Whalen is an English Secondary Ed major.   She is involved with the Active Minds club, a member of Sigma Tao Delta National Honors Society, and runs for the track and field team.  Writing it is one of her passions.  She loves being a tutor because she can share that passion with others and help them become better writers.  Writing is a skill that everyone needs to be successful and for her being able to show students that writing can be fun and valuable is priceless.     

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