Peer Writing Consultants

The Reading and Writing Center's Peer Writing Consultant Program Wants You!

Interested in helping others become more effective writers? Thinking about graduate school? Want to build your resume?

Register for English 301: Tutoring Writing in Fall 2017. Students who complete the course with a grade of B+ or better may be invited to serve as Reading and Writing Center peer tutors in Spring 2018. Find out more by contacting Professor Catherine Savini at

Some Facts about RWC Peer Writing Consultants

  • Peer writing consultants need not be experts on grammar or style! Consultants devote most of their time helping their peers break assignments down into manageable tasks and showing them how to find the resources they need. English 301 will prepare you to serve as a peer writing consultant.
  • Peer writing consultants earn $10/hour and work anywhere from 4-7 hours/week.
  • The peer writing consultants have presented their research at the Northeast Writing Center Association conference for four years in a row. This is not a requirement, but the consultants apply each year because they love participating in the conference. As an added bonus, conference presentations look great on grad school applications and are great practice for presenting SHPs. The peer writing consultants have been to New York City, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, and several are going to Florida to present this fall.
  • The RWC needs diverse consultants who are NOT English majors!

What do current RWC Peer Writing Consultants have to say about their tutoring experiences?

  • Working as a peer writing consultant helped build my confidence.
  • Working as a peer writing consultant helped me become a better writer. 
  • Tutoring other people has helped me to develop an understanding for how other people write and develop strategies to help them.
  • Working as a peer writing consultant improved my communication skills. 
  • When my peers text me weeks after we’ve worked together to tell me how thankful they are that I helped them get a good grade, my heart feels like it’s going to explode.
  • Working as a peer writing consultant helps me become more involved in the campus community.
  • I had never had the confidence in my own opinions and my own ability to express them until becoming a peer writing consultant. 
  • Becoming a peer writing consultant made me realize how much I took my own literacy for granted and that there are people out there that struggle to get their ideas and their struggle destroys their self esteem I have realized I have a gift that allows me to help people rebuild their self esteem and help them realize that they do have great ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

When is English 301: Tutoring Writing offered?
English 301 will be offered during Fall 2015 semester with Professor Catherine Savini.

Who should enroll in English 301: Tutoring Writing?
• Students who currently tutor or would like to tutor.
• Students who intend to pursue a career in education.
• Students who plan to go to graduate school in any discipline.
• Students pursuing a writing minor or a writing concentration.
• Students who want to improve their writing.

What will I learn in English 301: Tutoring Writing?
Offered for either two or three credits, this course will introduce students to the theory and practice of tutoring writing. Students will learn various strategies for diagnosing writing issues, unpacking writing assignments, analyzing different genres, and providing students with advice in both formal and informal tutoring sessions.  Students will walk away from this course with a number of marketable skills, including the ability to think on one’s toes and communicate effectively.

How is the course different if I take it for two credits instead of three?
Students who take the course for two credits complete it in November and are not required to write the final research paper.

Is the course Tutoring Writing only for English majors?
No. Tutoring Writing is for students from all disciplines. Students who took the course last semester majored in business, history, psychology, education, biology and English.

If I take this course am I guaranteed a position as a peer writing consultant?
Not all students who complete this course will be invited to serve as peer writing consultants. Various factors influence the selection of peer writing consultants from the course, including the Reading and Writing Center’s budget and your performance in the course.

Can I serve as a peer writing consultant if I do not complete this course?
No, peer writing consultants must complete Tutoring Writing with a B+ or better.