The University continues to be open and transparent in its communication related to the bias incidents. Click here to learn more about the University’s Bias Incident Response Team.


Annual Awards

BSW Alumnae Award
2012-2013 Damarr Smith, BSW
2013-2014 Sabrina Stiles, MSW
2014-2015 Arielle Cohen, BSW
2015-2016 Jamie Perez-Apointe, MSW



MSW Field Instructor Award
2012-2013 Maureen Dimock, MSW, LICSW
2013-2014 Joanne Murphy, MSW
2014-2015 Danielle Shumway, MSW
2015-2016 Constance "CJ" Van Wright, MSW
MSW Alumnae Award
2012-2013 Bridget Mulkerrins, MSW
2013-2014 Maria Mead, MSW
2014-2015 Jamie Walsh, MSW
2015-2016 Melaney Houle, MSW



Community Partner Award

2012-2013 Holyoke Medical Center
2013-2014 West Central Family & Counseling
2014-2015 Clinical & Support Options
2015-2016 Behavioral Health
Network, Inc. Crisis Services