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Annual Awards

BSW Alumnae Award
2012-2013 Damarr Smith, BSW
2013-2014 Sabrina Stiles, MSW
2014-2015 Arielle Cohen, BSW
2015-2016 Jamie Perez-Apointe, MSW



MSW Field Instructor Award
2012-2013 Maureen Dimock, MSW, LICSW
2013-2014 Joanne Murphy, MSW
2014-2015 Danielle Shumway, MSW
2015-2016 Constance "CJ" Van Wright, MSW
MSW Alumnae Award
2012-2013 Bridget Mulkerrins, MSW
2013-2014 Maria Mead, MSW
2014-2015 Jamie Walsh, MSW
2015-2016 Melaney Houle, MSW



Community Partner Award

2012-2013 Holyoke Medical Center
2013-2014 West Central Family & Counseling
2014-2015 Clinical & Support Options
2015-2016 Behavioral Health
Network, Inc. Crisis Services