Jane Mildred

Jane Mildred

Jane Mildred, A.S.C.W., Ph.D., 


I joined the WSU faculty in 1998 as the second full-time member of the Social Work faculty and as the first BSW Field Coordinator. I am currently Field Director for both the BSW and MSW programs and I also teach in the MSW Program. My educational background includes a Ph.D. in Social Work and Sociology from the University of Michigan, an M.S.W. from Smith College, an M.A. in Sociology from University of Michigan, and a B.A. in Sociology from Indiana University. I have over 25 years of practice experience in a variety of settings, including family and children services, mental health, and community practice. My areas of specialization and interest include child treatment, child welfare, and the sociological study of childhood; cross-group dialogue in higher education; and autism spectrum disorders.

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My Peer-Reviewed Publications Include:

  • Mildred, J. (2003). Claimsmakers in the child sexual abuse wars: Who are they and what do they want? Social Work, 48(4), 492-503.
  • Mildred, J. & Zuniga, X. (2004). Working with resistance to diversity issues in the classroom: Lessons from teacher training and multicultural education. Smith College Studies in Social Work, 74(2).
  • Mildred, J. (2004). Involvement in high profile sexual abuse controversies: Costs and benefits. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 13(1), 99-120.
  • Mildred, J. (2007). Childhood studies, child welfare, and the status of children in the United States and China. American-Chinese Society and Culture, 10(2), 1-13.
  • Mildred, J. & Plummer, C. (2009). Responding to child sexual abuse in the United States and Kenya: Child protection and children’s rights. Children and Youth Services Review 31(6). 601-608.
  • Mildred, J. (2010). Can we trust what they say? “Wounded healers” and other myths about child sexual abuse experts. Journal of Public Child Welfare, 4(1), 1-16.

My Recent Presentations Include:

  • “Listening as a pathway to insight about power and privilege” (with M. Keehn). American Educational Research Association Conference, Denver, CO, April, 2010.
  • “Engagement processes in race and gender dialogues” (with X. Zuniga, K. DeJong, and R. Varghese), Northeastern Educational Research Association Conference, Oct., 2009.
  • “Promises and pitfalls for addressing child sexual abuse across cultural, political, and economic barriers.” First Sexual Violence Conference for Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. Nairobi, Kenya, Sept., 2008.
  • “Social work education in the 1990s.” Fiftieth Anniversary Conference and Celebration, The University of Michigan Joint Doctoral Program in Social Work and Social Science, Ann Arbor, MI, Oct., 2007.
  • “Not me! Feminism in the classroom” (with V. Diana and S. Rajgopal). Situating Gendered Violence within a Global Context: New England Women’s Studies Conference, University of Connecticut at Storrs, CT, Feb., 2007.