TRIO Tutoring Services

Mission Statement

TRIO's Tutoring Services provide direct, supplemental instruction to program students with an emphasis on building strong study skills. Using multi-modal approaches to tutoring in the areas of Writing, Math, Science, and the Social Sciences, TRIO Professional Tutors help students understand not only course content but also assist students in identifying strategies for improving learning. 

Making an appointment

  • TRIO Tutoring Services and the TRIO Learning Lab are for the exclusive use of program students.
  • TRIO students are encouraged to make an appointment with a tutor online. Check in with your TRIO Coordinator for details.
  • TRIO Tutoring Services are located in the TRIO Learning Lab. The lab is equipped with eight desktop computers (PC and Mac), a printer, a scanner, and work stations. Here, program students can access educational assistive technology like Kurzweil 3000 and Inspiration software.

Professional Tutor Staff

John Benvenuto

WRITING: John Benvenuto, MA, MS, has held a variety of teaching and tutoring positions at Westfield State University over the past 25 years; he feels his role as the Writing Tutor in TRIO is one of the most important.  He has tutored in the Program since its inception sixteen years ago, and has developed the writing component to meet the needs of the students. He holds two masters degrees in English/American Studies and in Labor Studies.


Kaylee Furlano

SOCIAL SCIENCES:  Kaylee Furlano, MA, has a bachelor's and master's degree in psychology. In addition to tutoring, Kaylee works part time as an Academic Advisor at Springfield Technical Community College’s TRIO Student Support Services Program and as a Tutoring Coordinator within Westfield State University's Banacos Academic Center. She is passionate about helping students transition to college and learn the skills and information necessary to succeed in college. Specifically, as a tutor, Kaylee is committed to teaching students different learning strategies and study skills so that students feel more confident and in control of their learning and education.

SCIENCES: Kelly L. Hawley, Ph.D., has been a tutor at Westfield State University since February 2017.  She is passionate about helping students understand the scientific concepts needed to be successful in their courses.  In addition to tutoring within the TRIO Student Support Services Program, Kelly is a Postdoctoral research fellow at UConn Health, where she focuses her efforts investigating the human immune response to spirochetes, a unique family of bacteria.

MATH: Emmett Wald, BS,