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Academic Considerations


Take a second to decide how long you would wish to study abroad.  Upon deciding on your study abroad experience, it is critical that you speak with your department Advisor, or someone in the Academic Advising Center to ensure that you carefully chart your academic progress.  Many courses are offered in sequence therefore, it is important that you remain current with your course registrations.  An advisor is able to recommend what courses and in what sequence would be most appropriate.  It is highly recommended that students also consult their department’s advisor to explore potential course equivalences that may be taken at institutions abroad.  In many cases, courses being taken abroad will need to be approved by individual departments.  Ensure that this is done in a timely fashion – Remember, early action on your part saves much academic despair.


Not only is it useful to research courses that you intend to take, but it might be beneficial to:

  • Plan your academic experience early
  • Spend some time online reviewing courses that the institution abroad offers
  • Ensure your courses are signed off by your department’s chair to be sure they transfer back
  • Review the institution’s website to get a sense of how their academic programs are set up and how courses are administered
  • Talk to returning students about their academic experiences at the institution you’re attending
  • If possible, send a quick email to professors for courses you’re registered for abroad
  • Where established, you may choose to join an online community of students at the institution abroad
  • Get ready for an enriching academic experience abroad