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The Urban Education Program Application Requirements

Urban Education Program Application Requirements

The Westfield State University application offers every prospective student the opportunity to indicate an interest in the Urban Education Program by checking “yes” on Special Admission Opportunities

Urban Education Program Application Requirements: The application process for the Urban Education Program is unique. First, if an applicant wants to apply for the Urban Education Program they must indicate on their WSU application that they want to be part of the Urban Education Program. Applicants select the UEP checkbox under the admissions opportunity section on either the web or paper application. In addition, applicants must submit two letters of recommendation with one from a high school guidance counselor. An Urban Education Program staff member will review the applicants file which includes an assessment of academic background, leadership potential, participation in extracurricular and leadership activities and evidence of self-motivation, maturity and other special aptitudes or talents.

If an applicant is selected, they will receive an invitation to attend an Urban Education interview session. Acceptance is based on factors including academic performance, SAT/ACT scores, letters of recommendation, the interview, and attendance to New Student Orientation (NSO). Satisfying the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Summer Bridge Program.

If the Urban Education Program accepts a prospective student after their interview the following steps need to occur:

  • Return the Admission Enrollment Form
  • $75 deposit for the Urban Education Program commuter and a $100 deposit for the Urban Education Program resident student
  • WSU Health Forms and Residential Life Housing Forms returned by June 1st
  • Return Summer Bridge Program forms

In addition, all Students are REQUIRED to attend a New Student Orientation session for admission into the Urban Education Program. Once accepted and deposited, all incoming students will receive information on New Student and Parent Orientation at Westfield State.

Prospective students must attend one of the following sessions before the start of the Summer Bridge Program:

Session A:  Monday June 11th - Tuesday June 12th

Session B:  Thursday June 14th - Friday June 15th

Session C:  Monday June 18th - Tuesday June 19th

Session D:  Thursday June 21st - Friday June 22nd

Orientation Fee: There is no fee for students for the New Student Orientation Program, and all meals and housing are provided during your stay on campus.

Please note there is a small fee for parent participants. For more information visit the Parent Orientation section of the WSU NSO website at

Health Forms

Each participant is required to submit all Westfield State University Student Health Forms to Health Services prior to the start of the Summer Bridge Program.  Please plan accordingly to work with your school nurse, doctor or clinic to get the appropriate immunization(s), and physical completed prior to the Summer Bridge Program.

IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT COMPLETED WSU STUDENT HEALTH FORMS, PROOF OF IMMUNIZATIONS/WAIVER, AND DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE YOU CANNOT ATTEND THE SUMMER BRIDGE PROGRAM. Due to the special nature of the Summer Bridge Program, all residential students are required to have meningitis vaccine or submit a signed meningitis waiver form. For more information visit:

Many graduating high school students could ask their school nurse to fax a copy of their immunizations to Health Services at (413) 572-5545.  Some high schools may even offer a physical exam.