students sitting at the table in the commuter cafe

MassTransfer Greenfield Community College

Approved GCC associate’s degree programs linked to designated Westfield State University bachelor’s degree programs in August 2016:
American Studies, AA (LAS) English, BA; History, BA; Political Science, BA
Art, AA (LAA) Art, BA, (Portfolio required)
Art & Visual Arts, AA (AVC) Art, BA, (Portfolio required)
Business Administration Transfer, AA (BAT) Business Management BS; Economics, BA (required for Business: ACC 121 & 122)
Computer Science, AA (LCS) Computer Science, BS
Computer Science Applications, AA (LCA) Computer Information Systems, BS
Liberal Arts/General, AA (LIB) All degrees*, excluding: Athletic Training, BS; Nursing, BS (*Portfolio
required for Art; Audition required for Music; 2.6 GPA required for Education
licensure; 2.7 GPA required for Movement Science)
Criminal Justice, AS (CJC) Criminal Justice, BS
Economics, AA (LES) Business Management, BS; Economics, BA
English, AA (LAE) English, BA (strongly recommended at GCC: ENG 203, 204, 205 & 206)
Environmental Science, AA (LEN) Environmental Science, BS
Gender & Women’s Studies, AA (LGW) Ethnic & Gender Studies, BA
Human Services, AA (LHS) Social Work, BSW; Sociology, BA (*Recommended for Social Work: BIO 194 or 215;
HIS 106 or POL 101; HSV 101; ECO 101; MAT 114.)
International Studies, AA (LIS) Ethnic & Gender Studies, BA; History, BA: Political Science, BA; Sociology, BA
Math-Science, AA (LMO) Biology, BS; Chemistry, BS; Environmental Science, BS; Math, BA
Music, AA, (LMU) Music, BA (Audition required)
Peace, Justice & Environmental Studies, AA (LPE) Economics, BA; Political Science, BA
Social Sciences, AA (LSS) Political Science, BA; Psychology, BA; Sociology, BA
Theater, AA (LAT) Theatre Arts, BA