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MassTransfer Northern Essex Community College

Approved NECC associate’s degree programs linked to designated Westfield State University bachelor’s degree programs in August 2016:
Biology, AS Biology, BS (a maximum of 67 credits will transfer)
Business Transfer, AS Business Management, BS; Economics, BA
General Studies: Art Option, AA Art, BA (Portfolio required)
General Studies: Music Option, AA Music, BA (Audition required)
Liberal Arts, AA All degrees*, excluding: Athletic Training, BS; Criminal Justice, BS;
Education licensure, BA, BS, BSE; Nursing, BSN; (*Portfolio required for Art;
Audition required for Music; 2.70 required for Movement Science)
Liberal Arts: History Option, AA History, BA
Liberal Arts: Physical Science Option, AA Chemistry, BS (Required at NECC:PHS 131 & 133.
A maximum of 67 credits will transfer to Westfield State)
Liberal Arts: Political Science Option, AA Political Science, BA
Liberal Arts: Theater Option, AA Theatre Arts, BA
Liberal Arts: Writing Option, AA English, BA
Additionally, MassTransfer benefits of guaranteed admission with a 2.50 QPA and eligibility for the MassTransfer Tuition Waiver
are approved for the following NECC degree program, which does not include the 34-credit MassTransfer Block:
Business Management, AS Business Management, BS