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Undergraduate Admissions for Veterans

Application to Full-time Undergraduate Admission

Applicants for 2013 and beyond will have the opportunity to declare their veteran status on the application form by answering yes to the question, “are you or have you ever been a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces”? Those who answer yes will have their application fee waived.

To qualify for the fee waiver, veterans must file a paper copy of the application form and meet the following criteria, as documented on their forms DD-214:

  • Hold current active duty status at the time of application; or,
  • Hold former active duty status with honorable discharge at the time of application; or,
  • Present a DD-214 form that shows years of active service (not including basic or advanced individual training)

Qualifying veterans may request a paper application form by contacting the Admission Office, or they may download a paper copy of the full-time undergraduate day college form from the application webpage at . Please note that the fee waiver is not available to veterans who apply via the online application form.

Complete information fo full-time undergraduate admission process

Application for Part-Time Undergraduate Admission

Veterans who qualify for the Massachusetts waiver of tuition or Federal educational benefits must provide the necessary document (DD-214) to receive the benefit and must matriculate into a degree program to continue to receive the benefit.   The DD-214 must be provided by the veteran to the certifying official at Westfield State University, located in Bates Hall Room 15, phone (413) 572-8370.

ac Veterans may request a paper copy of the Part-Time Undergraduate application form by contacting the Division of Graduate and Continuing Education Office, at (413) 572 8020, or they may download a copy here.

For more information on the admission process for Part-Time Undergraduate admission process go here.