Clubs & Chapters

We have many alumni who are located regionally near one another. The size and scope of our clubs and chapters is determined by the alumni who create these groups.

The primary interests of these clubs and chapters include planning events and welcoming new alumni to a city, state, region and, in some cases, country. In some areas, they serve as liaisons to the university from a distance hosting events when representatives are in the area. Please feel free to contact the clubs and chapters chair(s) directly, or contact Kate Burke at or 413-572-5404.


Classes are groups of alumni who graduated (or were scheduled to graduate) with each other. They include groups who are planning reunions and others who just want to connect and maintain contact. One of the primary interests of our class groups is to help keep our Class Notes section updated, fill out the Update Your Information form to get connected!

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are made up of alumni who relate to each other by interest. Whether that interest is major, athletic team, club or organization, we are interested in helping you reconnect and stay connected with each other. Affinity groups often hold reunions on Homecoming Weekend. If you are interested in joining a current affinity group or starting a new group, please feel free to contact these alumni directly, or contact contact Kate Burke at or 413-572-5404.. Of all of our groups of alumni, Affinity Groups are the ones that are the most connected. We hope to see you involved with one soon!


Contact: Professor Maddy Cahill ( and Suzanne Boniface (

Criminal Justice

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Musical Theatre Guild

Chair: Peg Drisko '88

Owl Club - Athletics

Contact: Dave Caspole '94

Social Work

Contact: Professor Robert Kersting