PLATO Tech Tips

plato tech tips

Welcome to the 2016 Plato Tech Tips for WSU instructors!

Tip #3 – Your Virtual Office!

Online instructors! You can now meet with your online students “face to face” in your Virtual Office. Using a microphone and camera you can schedule virtual office hours in real time, share screens and documents with students, and record sessions so others can benefit from the information.

The latest version on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is now available for WSU instructors. Please contact Lisa Clark for training and set up so you can begin to use this newly updated tool.

Tip #2 – New and Improved Plato Rubrics

The Rubric Tool in Plato is now new and improved! If you do not see Rubrics under your Course Tools on the left side bar, go to “Customization” and “Tool Availability” and put a check in the box next to Rubrics. Click SUBMIT to save your changes.

Once the tool is turned on you will see it in Course Tools where you can create and manage your rubrics, and you will also see the Rubric option in most of your tool settings. A rubric can be used just for your grading purposes, or be made available for students to view.

When creating a new assignment, discussion, blog, journal, etc. you can now SELECT, CREATE NEW, or CREATE FROM EXISTING rubrics to add into the grading portion of these tools. You can also edit your previously created assignments, discussions, etc.

As you begin grading with your rubric, you will see a link to it in the grading window to the right of the submission below where you put the points in.

When you click on the link to your Rubric, it will open up right next to the submission. There is also an option to open it up in a new window.

If you would like help or training on how to use the Rubric tool, please email Lisa Clark at

Happy Grading!

Tip #1 – iPad Friendly Documents.

Many WSU students are using iPads and other tablets to view their course content online.  When adding files to your courses in Plato be sure to select “Yes” under FILE OPTIONS to “open in new window” so students can view the entire document online using this new technology!

Please feel free to email me at if you need assistance with this! Happy teaching!