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College for kids volunteer

Volunteer for College For Kids

College for Kids offers numerous volunteering opportunities for motivated students ages 13 and up.

At the end of the program, each volunteer will receive an official certificate documenting the number of hours he or she has spent volunteering. This certificate may be used towards community service requirements for National Honor Society, Girl or Boy Scouts, Key Club, or similar programs. Volunteer experience is also a positive addition to your college application and valued by college admissions. Volunteers at College for Kids will also receive a free t-shirt for their weeks volunteering for the program.

Many College for Kids students decide to become volunteers once they are old enough. Some of our volunteers have even moved on to hold paying summer jobs with College for Kids.

Volunteer Duties

Volunteers are an integral part of our program. They assist course instructors with signing students in or out, bringing classes for breaks, and helping to make sure the class runs smoothly. Volunteers can enjoy the benefits of a class while helping out – all for free! We expect our volunteers to behave maturely and responsibly, and above all to demonstrate the ability to work with children in a classroom setting.

How to Volunteer

Each course provides 17.5 volunteering hours. You may sign up to volunteer for up to eight courses (one per time slot). We will do our best to place you in your top class choices, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive all of your choices.

To apply, fill out the CFK Volunteer Application. *Please note that there are no more volunteer spots available based on current program enrollment levels. There is the potential this might change as we get closer to the start date so feel free to inquire at the email below for any updated information.*

You may either email the application form to Brandon Fredette or send it through regular mail to:

College for Kids
Westfield State University
333 Western Avenue
Westfield, MA 01086

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brandon at (413) 572-8033 or