Westfield State College is the oldest coeducational teachers' college in the nation. As such, we have a rich history in the State of Massachusetts and the United States. The college was established in 1839 in the town of Barre, Massachusetts, and the campus was moved to Westfield in 1844 due to the difficulty of accessing the Barre location. On September 4, 1844 classes began at Westfield.

The college has occupied a few buildings in the City of Westfield through the years, and the current campus has been occupied since 1956. We have continued our growth with the new buildings on campus that serve the college and the community at large.

The Westfield State College Historical Collection, 1839 - 1932 is a collection of local, state, regional and national significance. We played an important part in the establishment of coeducational public higher education in the United States. The material in this collection is the oldest in the archives.

This collection contains a wide range of materials. Included are manuscripts, art work, ephemera, photographs, Lyceum records, diaries, and scrapbooks, as well as college handbooks from this time period. Also included in this collection are books written about the Westfield Normal School, The Massachusetts Historical Journal, books written by faculty members, books about Normal School education, and books used by faculty members during this time period.

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