Committee Membership


  • Heidi Bohler (Movement Science)
  • Andrew Bonacci (Music)
  • Eric Bressler (Psychology)
  • Joseph Camilleri (Psychology) - Chair
  • Volker Ecke (Mathematics) - Web Person
  • Christine Irujo (Economics and Management)
  • Brian Jennings (Mathematics)
  • Sinuk Kang (Communication)
  • Megan Kennedy (Education)
  • Timothy LeDoux (Geography and Regional Planning)
  • Enrique Morales-Diaz (World Language Studies) - Secretary
  • Erica Morin (History)
  • Holly Noun (Movement Science)
  • Aaron Octavio Reyes (Chemical and Physical Sciences)
  • Elizabeth Starr (English)
  • Tarin Weiss (Chemical and Physical Sciences)


  • John Ohotnicky (Registrar)
  • Diane Prusank (Dean of Undergraduate Studies)
  • Thomas Raffensperger (Dean of Academic Information Services)

Student Members

  • Jonathan Cubetus, SGA Vice President of Academic Life
  • (2 positions to be decided)