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Committee Membership

Writing Liaison Committee Charge

The Writing Liaison Committee is charged with considering issues relevant to writing instruction across the disciplines at Westfield State University. This committee shall promote and assess writing in core classes and recommend how to provide support for faculty currently teaching writing in courses across the disciplines.

2013 - 2014 Academic Year

  • Heidi Bohler (MSSLS)
  • Carsten Braun (GARP, ENVS)
  • Joseph Camilleri (Psychology
  • Mary Keator (English)
  • Chris Kudlac (Criminal Justice)
  • Sonya Lawson (Music)
  • Nomazengele Mangaliso (Sociology)
  • Nora Padykula (Social Work)
  • Hillary Sackett (Economics and Management)
  • Catherine Savini (English)
  • Chalet Seidel (English, Interim Committee Chair)
  • Hugo Viera (World Language Studies)
  • Nicole West (Academic Achievement)