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Community Education Classes

To register or for further information call (413) 572-8355 or email marena@westfield.ma.edu .


This intensive class is designed to acquaint students with the types of material and questions on the test; to review grammar, writing, and reading techniques; to bolster confidence by teaching effective testing strategies; and to provide time for practice, group discussions, individual assistance, and questions.

Instructor: Katy Milford
Dates: May 22- June 14
Days: Tuesdays (Writing Subtest) and Thursdays (Reading Subtest)
Time: 5-7PM

Cost: $259 for students looking for preparation in both subtests areas: Writing and Reading

           $159 for students looking for preparation in one subtest area: Writing or Reading

For more information, please contact the Graduate and Continuing Education office at (413) 572-8319.

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Westfield State is offering Art classes on a non-credit basis this summer.  The total cost of the course is $150.00.  These courses are also offered on a credit basis.  Please call (413) 572-8355 for more information.

Summer Session I: May 21-June 29

Section: ART 0204
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Time:  6-9:30PM
Instructor: L. Siska
Location: Parenzo 018

Section: ART 0205
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time:  6-9:30PM
Instructor: K. Hollingworth
Location: Parenzo 016

Summer Session II: July 2-August 10

Section: ART 0102
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time:  6-9:30PM
Instructor: W. Greaney
Location: Parenzo 210

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This 32 hour course will teach the student how to apply the EKG machine to a patient in a healthcare facility and to interpret basic rhythms. This course will look at the foundations of cardiac system, the conduction system of the heart, and basic heart flow. Students will learn how to interpret basic 12 leads and how to troubleshoot basic issues with lead placement. Holter monitors will also be discussed. Students will be practicing lead placement in the classroom and there is an optional lab component to the course.

Instructor: Monica Melchionne
Dates: May 29-July 3 (first session)  August 7-September 11 (second session)
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 5:30-9:30pm

Cost: $700 for students

For more information, please contact the Graduate and Continuing Education office at (413) 572-8319.

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Medical Assisting Exam Prep

This is an 8 week course which consists of both classroom and online learning.  It is being offered for students who have taken a Medical Assistant Program in the past without obtaining their Certification and  also anyone who has been working in a medical office/clinic setting with experience as a Medical Assistant. This program will include phlebotomy, EKG, vital signs, medical terms, anatomy and physiology, medical law, office procedures, infection control, medication administration, emergencies and first aid.

Instructor: Jan Hendricks
Dates: September 8 - November 17
Days: Every other Saturday
Time: 9am-3pm

Cost: $600 for students

For more information, please contact the Graduate and Continuing Education office at (413) 572-8319.

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Intro to Patient Care

This course will provide students with an introduction to foundational knowledge and skills for health care professions. Topics will include ethical and legal responsibilities, an overview of medical terminology and the human body, personal and workplace safety, communication and professionalism. Hands on labs will include instruction in patient assessment, sterile technique, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, vital signs, and basic patient care. This course is appropriate for those considering a career in health care who are looking for an introduction to the field or those intending to enter health care programs but who have no prior clinical experience.

Instructor: Elizabeth Eastman
Dates: September 7 - December 14
Days: Fridays, also online
Time: 5:30-8:30pm

Cost: $400 for students

For more information, please contact the Graduate and Continuing Education office at (413) 572-8319.

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Taught by qualified U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary instructors, this course includes information on boat construction, life jackets, trailer handling, boat handling, the waterway marking system, reading buoys, day markers, lights, rules you must follow, inland boating, introduction to navigation, charts, chart tools, boat motors, line and knots, basic weather and your boat radio. This course is a must for all beginners as well as serious boaters and satisfies all states’ requirements for licensing. A certificate will be issued when you pass the final exam. Ages: adults and children as young as 7th grade.

Required book available from instructor first night of class, cost $35.

Instructor:  Bob Madison, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Dates:  Spring 2013
Time: TBA
Registration:  $25
Location:  Wilson Auditorium A


Emergency Management Technicians (EMTs) play a critical role in providing pre-hospital emergency care to victims of accidents and other illnesses.  This is the EMT basic course, which covers assessment and management of the following medical emergencies: cardiopulmonary arrest, severe bleeding and shock; fractured bones; care for heart attack, stroke, burn and poison victims; access to victims of automobile crashes and collapsed buildings; emergency childbirth, pediatrics; and various other medical, emotional, and environmental emergencies. Participants must have a valid AHA Healthcare Provider or ARC Professional Level CPR card prior to class, or register for the CPR class during the first EMT class.