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Dean Searches

This year Westfield State is embarking on a transformative project, the establishment of three new colleges.

Westfield State University is pleased to announce the creation of three new colleges: The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; the College of Mathematics and Sciences; and the College of Education, Health, and Human Services. These colleges join the existing College of Graduate and Continuing Education. This change of structure is a reflection of the growth and diversification of the university's programs, and is a critical component of the future of the institution. This is an exciting time at Westfield State University, with the development of the Westfield State Experience, a signature program of student engagement and high impact practices designed to help improve retention, increase graduation rates, and close the achievement gap. A major goal of this restructuring is to bring more support to departments and faculty in a collaborative environment. As the University prepares to support this new structure, it has also begun searching for the founding Deans that will lead these colleges forward. The University is excited to seek out experienced, collaborative, and visionary leaders for these positions. These founding deans will have the opportunity to set the direction for each college, in collaboration with faculty and staff, and in alignment with the University’s mission and goals.

For each college, a search committee of faculty, staff, students, and administrators has been formed. These representative committees will also seek broad input from across the university community as we move forward. To assist the University with the significant task of selecting three college founding deans simultaneously, the University has engaged the services of the Isaacson, Miller search firm, a nationally recognized organization with a long history of successful searches since the firm’s founding in 1982. The company is a particularly good fit for Westfield State's current need and continued emphasis on building a diverse educational community. Isaacson, Miller has a record of recruiting multiple deans simultaneously for several universities and has a solid record of successfully recruiting qualified candidates, including from underrepresented populations; 43 percent of their searches have resulted in the hiring of women and 23 percent in the hiring of people of color. Isaacson, Miller will function as organizer, supporter, and will work closely with each search committee to facilitate their work and engage all stakeholders in the process. 

For further information on each search, please follow the links below.

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