Dean Search for College of Education, Health and Human Services



This is an exciting time for Education, Health, and Human Services, both nationwide and on our campus. Changes in national and regional demographics are driving expansion in these fields and in related programs at Westfield State, with increased opportunities for graduates to take on rewarding careers and contribute to our communities and the Commonwealth.


The search committee is meeting in November to begin formulating the position description. Once that is completed, the position description and other related materials will be posted to the University's Human Resources website. The search committee will query the campus community on what they hope for in a leader and how they expect the incumbent to meet the needs of the college and the University. The search process will include an initial screening of the materials received in application by candidates,  possible initial online conversations, and for finalists, on-campus interviews. On-campus interviews will include conversations with a broad range of campus constituents.

The College of Education, Health and Human Services is home to:

Search Committee

Candidates should communicate interest or questions through Isaacson, Miller or the University's Human Resources department.

Jennifer Hixon, Health Sciences, MSCA                    
Jane Mildred, Social Work, MSCA    
Marcia Scanlon, Nursing, MSCA                                           
Kimberly Tobin, Criminal Justice, MSCA                  
Barbara Lucas, APA                                                  
Veleka Gallishaw, AFSCME                                       
Madeleine Dexter, student                                       
Brendan McKee, student                                          
Sheila Foley, Alumna            
Cheryl Stanley, Dean of Education
Shelley Tinkham, Dean, College of Graduate and Continuing Education  

The Position

For a complete position description and how to apply, see the Isaacson, Miller site



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