Westfield State University Department of Music

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music 

Concentration in Music Education
(95.5 - 96 credits)

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Admission to the Music Education concentration is dependent upon: completion of the piano proficiency requirement, and successful completion of a comprehensive entrance examination, which includes an assessment of the candidate's understanding of music education philosophy, as well as an assessment of his or her skills in the following areas: music theory, music history, basic musicianship, and piano.

All Music Education students must pass a pre-practicum jury examination in the semester preceeding the practicum. The examination will demonstrate proficiency in conducting, score reading, piano, sight singing, and the major applied area.

All Music Education students preparing for a practicum experience in instrumental music normally take a traditional concert band or orchestral instrument for applied major. Students preparing for a practicum experience in vocal music demonstrate performance experience and proficiency equivalent to MUSC 0172, or complete three semesters of secondary applied study and ensemble experience in voice, percussion, winds or orchestral strings, as appropriate.

Note: Admission and retention in the Music Education program is dependent on: an overall GPA of 2.8, a 2.8 GPA in applied music, and a 2.8 GPA in pedagogy coursework.

In order to be eligible for student teaching, a student must have completed all required course and field work, have an overall GPA of 2.8 (including transfer work), and have a passing grade in the appropriate Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (i.e., Communication and Literacy and subject matter tests).

Placements for student teaching (practicum) are limited to within a 30-miles radius of the University.

Requirements for Music Majors (54 Credits)

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Requirements for Music Education Concentration
(41.5 - 42 credits)

Pedagogical Coursework:
MUSC 0221 Music Curriculum and Instruction (3)
MUSC 0323 Behavioral Techniques in Music (3)
EDUC 0221 Students with Special Needs (3)
PSYC 0206 Educational Psychology (3)
MUSC 0328 Practicum: Music K-12 (12)

Required University Core Coursework
EDUC 0380 Multicultural Education (3)
PSYC 0101 Introduction to Psychology (3)

One of the following tracks:

Vocal Music Education Track:
MUSC 0312 Form and Analysis (2)
MUSC 0319 Vocal Technique and Pedagogy (3)
MUSC 0330 Choral Conducting (2)
MUSC 0333 Vocal Music Education (3)
MUSC 0154, 0155, 0157, 0158 Instrument Classes (2)
(Choose 4 classes at 0.5 credits each)

Instrumental Music Education Track:
MUSC 0156 Voice Class (0.5)
MUSC 0312 Form and Analysis (2)
MUSC 0331 Instrumental Conducting (2)
MUSC 0332 Instrumental Music Education (3)
MUSC 0154, 0155, 0157, 0158 Instrument Classes (4)
(Choose 8 classes at 0.5 credits each)

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