Local Vendors

At Westfield State Dining, we’re proud to support local farms. We purchase much of our food from the following local vendors.


Northeast Family Farms: Provides poultry, pork, beef, and lamb from local farms throughout the Northeast.

Sauder Eggs: Provides us with Fresh Cage Free Eggs that we crack daily.


Green Mountain Creamery: Located in Brattleboro, VT. Green Mountain Creamery provides delicious and healthy Greek Yogurt.

High Lawn Farms: Located in the Berkshires, High Lawn Farms is dedicated to providing Massachusetts with the best quality, freshest Jersey Milk available.

Yolato: Provides a healthy dessert option daily in the Dining Commons.


Hinckley Harvest: Located just minutes from the University, Hinckley Harvest supplies us with fresh local produce including squash, berries, and more.

Joe Czajkowski Farm: Located in Hadley, MA, Farmer Joe provides us with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Little Leaf Farms: Located in Devens, MA, Little Leaf Farms provides delicious and fresh greens to keep our salad bar stocked year-round!

Marty’s Local: Based in the Berkshires, Marty’s local provides us with unique and local products, including misoflour, corn meal & grains, and fresh produce.

Mountain Orchard: Located in Granville, MA, Mountain Orchards supplies us with apples year-round.


Red’s Best Seafood: Based out of Boston,  Red’s Best offers fresh and sustainable seafood including unique “catch of the day” fish.


Four Star Farms: Located in Northfield, MA, Four Star Farms provides locally grown flour, corn meal and grains.

Kitchen Garden Farm: Located in Sunderland, MA, Kitchen Garden Farm provides locally made hot sauces.

Lake View Organic Grain: Providing flour from Penn Yan, NY.

Maria&Ricardo’s: Located in Canton, MA provides tortillas for our Tex-Mex and fresh made tortilla chips.

Regal Pickles: Providing delicious pickles from Worcester, MA.

South River Miso Company: Located in Conway, MA, South River Miso provides us with delicious and organic wood-fired miso, including soy-free and gluten-free options!

Sun Coffee Roasters: Located in Connecticut, Sun Coffee Roasters provides sustainable fair trade organic coffee for our retail locations and catering events.

Be sure to look for these icons in the Dining Commons!

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