Westfield State Dining Services Update

Since the beginning of the semester, Westfield State Dining Services has been serving an average of 5,000 patrons each day. We’ve enjoyed a lot of feedback from across the campus and from other visitors from the greater Westfield community. We have been able to act on nearly all recommendations and preferences communicated by our customers and will consider others that may take more time to implement or need to be vetted through proper university channels.

We have updated and documented our catering process to align with our self-operated model. This process ensures that departmental budgets are properly encumbered for all events. As a reminder, university policy prohibits university funds and catering services being used for off-campus department meetings, retirement gatherings or similar events. Please visit http://www.westfield.ma.edu/dining/index.php/questions/catering/ for more information on the catering process.

Operations Highlights
Student feedback has been positive with extended hours of operation from 8 to 10 p.m. and offering continuous dining. Students have enjoyed the variety of offerings such as made-to-order, hand-rolled sushi available every evening, as well as our most popular item—made-to-order smoothies—available at Ely Harvest.

We have hired more than 50 student workers so far in Dining Services. We are able to offer flexibility around their class schedules and other academic commitments. We hope their Westfield State Dining Services employment enhances their overall campus life experience.

Upcoming Events
Dining Services is working with Academic Affairs to host some of the speaker series associated with the First Year Read, The Good Food Revolution. Our involvement with this series will leverage the Dining facility to act as an education experience outside of the classroom. We will welcome Drs. Hillary Sacket and Erica Morin and students who attend their lecture in the Dining Commons on Monday, September 26 at 6 p.m. to discuss how advertising affects taste and desire.

Moving Forward
Now that we are beyond launch, we don’t anticipated having a significant amount of weekly news to share via these weekly email updates, but we will continue to post Dining Services news and new menu options and specials on our main web page: http://www.westfield.ma.edu/dinin

We look forward to continuing to serve the faculty, staff and students at Westfield State University.

Andrew Mankus
Westfield State Dining Services Director